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GRACE Life Co-op is an unapologetically Christian organization. We do allow those of different beliefs to join our co-op, but prospective members need to understand that we will operate according to biblical values. 

The Grace Life Co-op leaders are parents who give our time to organize this co-op in order to expand our own kids' homeschool experience as well as to bless the homeschool families in our group. 

Unfortunately, we are not trained or equipped to deal with learning and/or behavioral disorders in our co-op classes. Each child who participates in our co-op needs to be able to function well in a classroom environment.

Events to Note:

Welcome to our GRACE Life Co-op website!

We are now evaluating our membership and are no longer accepting applications at this time. If you are still interested in joining for the 2025-2026 year, please submit a new application after September 2024. Your application will be kept on file and you will be contacted when the 2025-2026 year is being planned. Thank you!

How this works:

If you are interested in joining our co-op, you should:

#1 - Read our co-op policies listed above.

#2 - Read our dress code listed above.

#3 - Read our beliefs and liability waiver listed above.
#4 - If you feel that your family would be a good fit for our co-op, and us for you, click "Join" in the upper right portion of this page.

#5 - If you haven't been a member of our local co-op before, we will require a Meet & Greet prior to approving your membership request. 

#6 - Once approved, you will have access to our specific class offerings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-op?

Co-op is short for cooperative. We are a group of parents who work together to help expand educational experiences for our children. We work hard to organize and administrate this co-op and share this experience with the homeschool community (in the Pitt County area) at large.

Being part of a co-op means that we work together to make it happen. Each family serves our co-op in some capacity - some teach, some administrate, some serve as parent monitors, some clean bathrooms/windows, some volunteer to assist teachers with whatever they need, etc. It is mandated that everyone chip in to make this work for our children. 

Do I have to be a Christian to join Grace Life Co-op? 

No, you do not have to be a Christian to join Grace Life. We allow people from other religions to be a part of our group. But, each member should understand that we will operate our co-op according to Biblical values only, and there's a high likelihood that God/Scripture/Biblical values will be presented during classes and in the general atmosphere of our day.

What is the cost to join Grace Life Co-op?

There is a registration fee of $20 per family (to cover the cost of our website usage) and a $20 Director's fee (to say "Thank You" for time spent by our Director in managing our co-op daily allowing its smooth operation).

We also ask that each family make a $50 tithe donation per year to our host church (given directly to the church). This is to say "Thank You" for allowing us to utilize their facilities weekly from August through April each year without charging our co-op a dime.

That brings the total for joining our co-op to $90 per year for your whole family. 

Individual class costs and supply fees vary depending on the level of class and type of class offered. Once your application is approved, you will have access to each class description and the fees charged by those teachers.

Membership Guidelines

Active Members are those who have at least one child taking co-op classes during our current year. 

Inactive Members are purged from the website each Spring. This is to ensure that the majority of active members are utilizing the limited co-op membership availability.

If still interested for the following co-op year, new applications may be submitted in the Fall of the current year.