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*********Registration for Spring 2016 will Open Soon!**********

Visit our new website at: http://www.williamsburgclassicalacademy.org/


If you are new member, pleas request membership.  Class registration can only take place after your membership to this group has been approved and registration fees paid.  Please see "How do I sign up?" & "FAQ"s about registration and common co-op questions. Thanks for your interest in our co-op.

    If you have any questions about the co-op or registration, please just email us. We are happy to offer classes that can enrich your homeschooling journey. Thanks for checking us out and see our FAQs for many common answers.

We'd like to thank our hosting church, Williamsburg Christian Church, for being so kind and generous with their building each Tuesday and Thursday.


 Thanks for looking, and we hope you can find something that will enrich your homeschooling journey this year.

Questions about sign up or classes?

Contact us at  williamsburgclassicalacademy (at) yahoo (dot) com