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After 9 years of serving hundreds of families and students, it is also time for a new season for SMICA and 280 Tutorials. Darcy Terry, the Academic Coordinator, is preparing to retire after 20+ years in this position. SMICA is searching for someone (actually several people) to fill Darcy's roles. Darcy has mentored dozens of moms and assisted hundreds of families in their homeschooling journey. We are so grateful for her vision in beginning tutorial classes for homeschool students first at the SMIC campus, and then supporting the expansion of tutorials to the Brook Hills campus in 2009.

Other changes are also happening with the administration of 280 Tutorials. Heather Spigner, who joined our admin team a couple of years ago, has been blessed with the birth of her first child. Paula Underwood, who originally began 280 Tutorials with Debra Hoosier, is nearing the end of her own homeschool journey. Finally, Brook Hills is discussing a timeline to replace the temporary modulars that house our classes with a permanent structure.

In light of all these changes,

280 Tutorials will not be opening registration for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Here are some important things that you need to know:

1- We are incredibly grateful for all the families who have entrusted students to us for the last 9 years. It has been a tremendous blessing and privilege to serve you.

2- We are immensely thankful for our wonderful teachers. They have been so diligent to provide exceptional classes to our families. We are listing contact info for our teaching staff below so that you may contact them directly about their future plans:

Dan Downey                  History
Chris Marshall  Spanish
Linda Haley Literature/writing         
Heather Spigner English/writing
Dedy Werk Physical Science
Laura Shepard Life Science
Allison Sowell Chemistry
Charlotte Falls Biology
Theresa Morris History
Wayne Morris Computers
Melissa Jones Smith English/writing
Debbie Clark HS Math classes/ Act Prep


3- Following are some specific tutorial offerings for next year, which are being taught by our current 280 Tutorials teaching staff:

  • Chris Marshall will be offering her Spanish classes through Chelsea Tutorials (Elementary Spanish - HS Spanish 1 & 2). Mrs. Marshall's vast experience and creativity allow students to learn to read, write, and actually speak Spanish! To see a list of class offerings, visit Chelsea Tutorials website at or email Chris Marshall at Registration opens on April 1.
  • Allison Sowell will be offering her Basic Chemistry course again. We are thrilled that parents will still have access to this excellent, affordable course! It is the perfect Chemistry option for students who do not plan to pursue a science major, as it covers all the key chemistry concepts in simple, clear language with hands-on labs. For more details, contact Allison Sowell directly at
  • Debbie Clarke, who offered ACT Prep Math this fall at 280 Tutorials, teaches high school math classes (Alg 1 - Pre-Cal), as well as ACT Prep. I have personally used Mrs. Clarke for almost all of my own students' high school math needs, including ACT Math. Her classes are affordable, flexible, and provide greater one-on-one instruction. For more information on classes, tutoring, or ACT Prep, email Debbie Clarke at
  • Several current 280 Tutorials teachers- Dan Downey, Linda Haley, Laura Shepard, & Dedy Werk- will offer courses through the Brook Hills Co-op. These teachers love to teach, and their incredble knowledge and teaching experience will help prepare your students for a successful university experience. For more info, refer to BHC's website at  Registration for Brook Hills families begins March 16th, and current 280 families can register on March 23rd. 

4- We are blessed to have so many other wonderful educational opportunities and tutorial offerings in the Birmingham area. For a list of many of these other options, please visit this link on the SMICA website:

5- Please contact either the teachers or other tutorials directly. SMICA and 280 Tutorials Administration are not affiliated with these other groups and cannot provide additional information about their registration, classes, policies, etc.


Paula Underwood

280 Tutorials Administration