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Alabama News
Alabama Homeschool Spelling Bee
Susan Alberti
39 Bayside Court
Gulf Shores AL 36542
Dramatic Difference Pulications
Christian dramas, plays, programs and musicals which are suitable for homeschooling teens. (A few would work for elementary age.) I also have a self-teaching Christian piano course.
National Organizations
Beginning Homeschooling
is a website dedicated for the beginning homeschooler. If you are considering educating your children at home, this website is a great place to start. It answers questions about why and how to homeschool, teaching teens, preparing for college and other important information.
Generation Joshua
is a youth movement for ages 11-19. The goal of the program is to help educate and train the leaders of tomorrow. Students are educated through their online civics curriculum that covers topics in history, government, and worldview and their annual summer camp. The training comes as the result of participation in hands-on activities like HSLDA-PAC Student Action Teams, GenJ Clubs, and Voter Registration.
Home School Legal Defense Association
is the cutting edge of home education in the United States. It provides legal services for members, keeps abreast of legislative developments in Congress and the states, and provides leadership training workshops and resources for state home school leaders.
National Home Education Research Institute
is a great resource for statistics on the performance of home schooled students across the United States. NHERI provides the results of research from a number of studies. Brian Ray is an excellent researcher regarding many areas of homeschooling. We need his research available for reporters, legislators and the public. There seems to be a renewed attack about the research basis for homeschooling success, please support this worthwhile researcher.
is a comprehensive leadership experience that challenges students to grow both personally and spiritually. During TeenPact, students will enjoy meeting and interacting with other Christian young people and leaders from across their state. Students will come away from TeenPact with a realization of their spiritual capacity as young people and a desire to change America for Christ.
AHEAD - Christian Conventions across the country
The for-personal-profit conference organizers leave once the vendor hall is empty. The state specific Christian organizations are just beginning their work to assist homeschoolers in their locales when their conferences end. As you choose a conference to explore homeschooling and purchase curriculum, we hope you will consider the long-range questions of homeschooling and support the non-profit, specifically Christian conferences associated with the Alliance. These are called the American Home Education and Discipleship Conferences (AHEAD).
Virtual Charter School Myths
This is clearly the best site on the web to help refute government school-at-home. Did you know that Government Charter schools-at-home don't score as well as homeschoolers? In fact, the Government Charter schools don't even score as well as regular government schools.
Special Needs Children
GIFTSNC Home Schooling Special Needs
is a home school support group for families with special needs children.Our goal is to support, empower, guide and educate families home schooling children with special needs through conferences, workshops and family to family support.
Linda M. Kane
founded Hope and a Future, Inc. in September 1999 out of a desire to have a strong Biblical foundation and Christian basis when working with families. Hope And A Future's primary mission is to give hope and specific help to families involved with developmental needs, genetic syndromes, brain injuries, Autism, and learning issues. Linda firmly believes the potential of an individual is determined by the opportunities presented to them. Hope And A Future guides families in offering the best opportunities to their children. Linda is certified through the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists, Inc. (ICAN). Currently, in affiliation with ICAN, the opportunity for continued research, study, and the exploration of options and methodologies to enhance the field of neurodevelopment is an ongoing critical part of her work.
Woodbine House
Large selection of books on many types of special needs
Pro Ed, Inc.
Teaching materials for special needs students, commonly used in public school
Brain Integration Therapy
By Dianne Craft (helps special-needs children use their right brain to see the big picture)
Brain Builder
A neurobic, computer-based training program designed to build memory and thinking skills
Rethink Autism
A computer and video-based Autism, functional curriculum; for a small subscription fee, provides lesson plans, support, resources, record-keeping, child progress monitoring, and parent-teacher training modules
“Natural Remedies for ADD/ADHD,”
Article by Dianne Craft
National Publications
Home School Digest Magazine
is a quarterly publication for serious homeschoolers. Focuses on lifestyle issues from the Christian perspective.
Homeschooling Today Magazine
The latest homeschooling news, articles, organizations, events, Homeschool Mall, and much, much more!
Practical Homeschooling Magazine
The latest homeschooling news, articles, organizations, events, Homeschool Mall, and much, much more!
Teaching Home Magazine
is a Christian magazine for home educators, written for homeschooling families by homeschoolers.
The Magazine for Homeschool Families
is a biblically-based magazine that is a practical resource, introducing products and services to the home educator that will strengthen, support and challenge the family both spiritually and academically as they impact their world for Christ.
Major Curriculum Providers
A Beka
is a major publisher of curriculum, complete programs for all grades. Books and videos.
Accelerated Christian Education
advance education through character-building individualized curriculum and programs, K-12th grade.
Alpha Omega
provides Bible-based curricula for students in preschool through 12th grade.
Bluestocking Press
features many wonderful resources in American history, economics, and American government.
Bob Jones University Press
is a major publisher of curriculum, complete programs for all grades. Books and videos.
Christian Book Distributors
offers many curriculum at discount prices.
Christian Liberty Press
finds, evaluates and produces curriculum rooted in God,s Word.
Excellence in Writing
offers a method for teaching writing skills.
Green Leaf Press
offers many world and American history resources.
Homeschool Marketplace
homeschool resources.
is a unit study approach dealing with Godly character, fostering a love for learning, achieving academic excellence, and equipping parents to teach with excellence.
helps produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math. The study of math is much more than committing a list of facts to memory. It includes memorization, but it also encompasses learning the concepts that are critical to problem solving.
MathTutor Software Series
We are an educational software publisher specializing in Grades 6-12 math. Our MathTutor software series is ideal for self-study, and is an excellent resource for homeschooling families. The MathTutor series is aligned to the Grades 6-12 common core standards for math.
Rainbow Resource Center
is a resource center of learning tools for homes and schools, preschool through 12th grade.
RightStart Mathematics
Uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience
Rod and Staff
provides textbooks designed to make children God-conscious.
Sonlight Curriculum
is a homeschool supply company that gathers the best homeschooling materials, puts them together into a complete package and makes them available for parents.
Tapestry of Grace
A plan of study that helps parents provide a Christian, classical education using a guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme
Teaching Textbooks
is an excellent math curriculum.
The Timberdoodle
offers curriculum, supplemental materials, and hard-to-find items.