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Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

Home Education Definitions - Posted 4/12/13
YHSA Statement on Cyber and Charter Schools - Posted 6/11/13

Home School and the Law

YHSA Guide to the Law 13th Edition - Posted 3/20/14

The information and advice contained in this Guide is the opinion of YHSA members who, based on their interpretation of the law and experience as homeschoolers, seek to clarify the requirements of the law for others interested in homeschooling their children in PA. This Guide is not intended to replace the law. Rather, it is incumbent upon everyone considering homeschooling to read and understand the law, and base his/her actions on his/her own interpretation of that law. YHSA is not liable for any action taken based on information contained in this Guide; consult a lawyer for legal advice.

At the time of publication, the information in this Guide was correct and up- to- date to the best of our knowledge. YHSA is not responsible for any post-publication changes to the information contained herein. To help YHSA in updating future editions of this guide, please notify us of any corrections.



Changes made from the 12th to the 13th edition:

  • PA Dept of Ed contact information
  • Appendix B - updates to school district information
  • Appendix F - updates to diploma program contact information
  • Appendix H - updated YHSA's address on the Student ID form
  • Appendix L - changed to Financial Aid Information and moved the PHEAA form to a separate document


Changes made to the 13th edition as of 3/20/14:

  • No changes made


Guide to the Law Order Form - Posted 4/15/13
Affidavit - Posted 4/18/13