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Posted 7/16/10


Father William Kidwell, S.J. 
August 11, 1924 – January 13, 2008
by Fr. Omar Huesca

This year the shameful count of the slaughtered children who never come into the world to see the light of day because of the legalized holocaust of abortion will surpass 50,000,000. It is insane to believe that our nation can survive when we continue to break the Heart of the Father of Life by murdering His little ones, the most innocent, and to defy His justice. A society is only as strong as its resolve to protect its most vulnerable members, and these are the unborn children.

In our society we have a “been there-done that” attitude. We move on from activity to activity, from moment to moment with hardly any reflection, or awareness that we are laying down foundations today upon which we will build tomorrow. A fragmented approach to life is only a preamble to death. Life is a tapestry that God weaves with each day, so that each day matters, each day is important, and perseverance is the virtue that unifies and brings to completion, to fulfillment.

Perseverance in strength and joy is what defined the days of the priest I like to call “the Little Giant of Life”, Father William Kidwell, S.J., a true son of the Father, a true soldier of Christ, a passionate combatant in the Company of another soldier, Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

For more than twenty years, Father Kidwell gathered young men and women around him and marched with them to our nation’s capital to speak loudly for the cause of life, to demand an end to the horrible nightmare of abortion. Father Kidwell’s relentless perseverance as a soldier for life was a shining light that both comforted and warmed the hearts of many, and convicted the indifference of others. Father Kidwell’s days among us can be summed up as perseverance in truth and love.

Last Sunday, on the Day of the Lord, Father Kidwell joined the march of eternal life. I am convinced he will continue to intercede for the victory of life over death in the presence of the Lord of Life. Those of us who knew him will always remember his vigor and smile. We say “March on, Father Kidwell!” “Pray that we will live, and die, if necessary, to bring about the culture of life.”

There is no better way to give thanks to God for the life of Fr. Kidwell than to make a commitment to go to Washington next year to continue his work and to keep alive his passion for justice, life and love. I commit to calling all to this purpose and to organize this effort, for our parish, and for all who will join us in 2009.