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Around the House

The Amish: Simplicity and Satisfaction Personified - Posted 5/23/13

“Although this lifestyle may seem old-fashioned to you, it is quite up to date—maybe not for you and me, but in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this is the only way of life for the “Plain People,” also known as the Amish.”

Controlling the “Almost” Insanity in Our Home – With Time Management - Posted 5/9/14

“To many it may seem that our life is somewhat out of control, but we know the true secret to our family’s success: God is in control of everything.”


Are Public Schools an Option for Christian Kids? - Posted 12/15/10
The New School Year: Planning Your Course - Posted 12/15/10

For the Homeschooling Parent

Learning to Love Silence and Solitude - Posted 2/11/14

“Whether it is the silence of morning, the quiet stillness at the end of the day, or a few moments of quiet time when little ones are napping, for many, silence and solitude is an essential part of keeping a quiet and content heart.”

It’s Time to Wake Up! - Posted 2/11/14

“Whether you are feeling asleep in life or knocked down by life’s tribulations, there is hope for you.”

7 Foolish Things Moms Say - Posted 5/9/14

“Uttering these seven foolish things not only leaves your children feeling powerless and confused, but it also gives them an excuse to justify disobedience and poor behavior.”

On free-range kids and letting go of labels - Posted 3/11/15

More and more we are becoming label-obsessed and label-dependent, and while I’m certainly not here to take issue with the food industry (I’m just happy to have food on my table!), I’ve noticed that the label-happy mentality sticks itself to our homeschooling habits as well.


Classical, TJED, unschool, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, and there’s more … all of these have excellent elements, and one of them may be the perfect fit for your family.

Or not.

Free Curriculum

Free Curriculum on the Web - Posted 9/9/10
List of available curriculum websites that offer free worksheets, lesson plans, etc.
Free and low-cost help for home-schoolers - Posted 9/4/12
Home-schooling parents have more free and low-cost resources than ever at their disposal, both online and in their communities. This guest post comes from Jody Mace at Living on the Cheap.

Homeschooling - General

A Journey of Discovery - Posted 9/13/10
Don't "Write Off Writing" Instruction - Posted 10/25/11
Creative Ideas for Teaching Composition to Your Struggling Learner—Part I
Making Education History: Beyond the Status Quo - Posted 5/16/12
Eight Common Myths About Homeschooling in High School - Posted 5/16/12
The Key to Education - Posted 6/13/12
By Diana Waring
A Guide to Navigating the Homeschool Community - Posted 6/15/12
There is no one right kind of homeschooling family, and there is no single best way to homeschool.
The Forster Family “Favorite Curriculum” List - Posted 7/31/12
From the creator of Doorposts
A beginner’s guide to scheduling the homeschool - Posted 9/12/12
Contributor Amida blogs at Journey into Unschooling
A Brief History of Public Education in the United States - Posted 10/23/12
by Mike and Carolyn Riggs "In early America private education was the rule of thumb, with parents providing most, if not all, of the instruction for their own children."
Where Have the Children of Yesterday Gone? - Posted 5/23/13

“The children of America who attend public schools are missing in action as their minds, hearts, and souls are being taken captive by an education system that does not have in mind the Master’s plan, which can be found only in the Word of God.”

Play Your Way Through Learning - Posted 5/23/13

“Most educators agree that a higher percentage of learning occurs when there is interaction. A great way to incorporate all three learning styles into your lesson plans is by using puzzles and games.”

Freedom From the Four Walls - Posted 2/11/14

“…we enjoy the freedom to treat every place we go as a learning experience—even if it is not inside the traditional four walls.”

Homeschooled Kids Scare Me…in a Good Way - Posted 2/11/14

“After just four weeks of teaching these kids Constitutional Law, my experiment’s initial result has affirmed the wise choice my own family made many years ago to homeschool our own kids.”

History/Geography/Social Studies

Heroes of the Faith Day - Posted 5/23/13

“It’s an easy-to-plan, one-day event through which your kids will absorb more details about history, gain an understanding of the risk and price that many must pay for the freedom to simply worship, and learn about the many great people of the faith who went before them.”

Piggy Bank Principles - Posted 2/11/14

“It makes me laugh, thinking of how people’s perceptions of money change as they get older.”