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Posted 5/31/12

Make the Museum a part of your homeschool studies. Homeschool Museum Classes are designed to serve small homeschool co-op groups or individual homeschool families. The program consists of 2 hour classes held on the first Wednesday of the month from October to June. The theme of each class changes from month to month. Participants are divided into small groups by age, and each group works with the same Museum Educator throughout the year. Each class takes place in the Museum’s permanent galleries, and is designed to be an interactive lesson that encourages students to examine objects and ideas through a variety of activities including discussion, drawing, writing, role playing, and games. Families can sign up for as few or as many classes as fit into their schedule.

The program is offered for:

  • Grades K-2 (ages 5 – 7)
  • Grades 3 – 6 (Age 8 – 11)
  • Grades 7-12 (Age 12 – 17)


  • Student Fees: $10 per class ($8 Museum Members)
    Reduced Rate if you sign up for 4 classes or more, $ 9 per class ($7 Museum Members)
  • Chaperone Fee: $5 per class ($4 Museum Members) $1 off each class when signing up for 4 or more classes

*As there can be no more than 30 participants (including chaperones) in each class, parents who wish to accompany their child must sign up in advance.

June’s First Wednesday Classes for Homeschoolers includes different offerings for the different ages.  The information and web links below can be used as a preview for Wednesday’s classes or as a follow-up, or simply to pursue your child’s interests.

Ages 5-7 (Grade K-2) will explore the topic of Drawing and Discovering.

·         Learn the secrets of trompe l’oeil painting from Wikipedia

·         The basics about sculpting from Green Art

·         Audio clip and teaching resources for Peale’s Staircase Group


Ages 8-11 (Grades 3-6) will examine Artists’ Imagination and Inspirations.

·         Learn about Pablo Picasso from Wikipedia

·         Focus on his painting, Three Musicians (with teaching resources)

·         Read about Sol Lewitt’s blue Ceiling at PMA


Age 12-17 (Grades 7-12) will wrap up their year with a special class examining the workings of an art museum, in a class called “Museum 101.”

·         From the University of Phoenix Online, E-How answers the question: “What does an Art Museum Curator Do?”

·         From Stanford University’s Cross-Sections, “What does a Conservator Do?”

·         On overview of the history of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, from the PMA website, with links to detailed historical periods.

We hope that you have enjoyed this year’s Wednesday Homeschool classes, and welcome both your participation in and your input to our Homeschool program.  We are currently organizing next year’s Homeschool offerings, so if you receive these monthly e-mail previews, you will automatically receive a description of next year’s Homeschool Program when we finalize our plans this summer.

For more information, please contact Education: School & Teacher Programs by phone at (215) 684-7580, by fax at (215) 236-4063, or by e-mail at educate@philamuseum.org.