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Membership is now open!
HERI member benefits run from August 1st of a given year through July 31st of the following year (school year).  All memberships expire 7/31 and must be 
renewed 8/1 for the following school year. 

Welcome to HERI, your membership includes:

  • Access to our 21,000+ piece curriculum and resource library
  • The bi-monthly Home Forum Newsletter, with helpful articles and news for our area
  • The bi-weekly E-Blast with relevant news for the week and Ads specifically for homeschoolers
  • Homeschool discounts at area businesses
  • Access to our homeschool lobbyist, Brenda Dickenson
  • One on one coaching and advise from experienced homeschoolers
  • Discounts on:  FPEA Membership, HSLDA, testing, Graduation activities, BookBuster early admission
  • Membership of an organization that will encourage you, motivate you, and support you on your homeschooling journey.

Single membership is $35.00, choose the correct PayPal link and scroll 0 or 1.
(For families that DO NOT belong to a particular co-op or support group yet wish to join HERI to participate in the benefits that HERI offers.)

Group membership is $30.00, choose the correct PayPal link and scroll 0 or 1. (No longer available after the first of the year)
(For families that DO belong to a co-op or support group and wish to join HERI to participate in the additional benefits that HERI offers.)

If you join under a group, please list the group's name & your name will be sent to your group leader.

Thank you for partnering with HERI.  As a member, please share your gifts, talents and time to make this organization a blessing for all that are a part of it.

Please be sure to indicate in the box labeled "Message to Group Administrator" if you have a high school student and would like information about events for all high school aged students and senior activities.  Thank you!

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