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To join YHSA, at least one child must be homeschooled under the Act 169 law OR be nonreporting age (as in a toddler).  If a time comes when none of your children fall into this category, please contact the leadership to discontinue your membership. 

Read and complete this application if either of the following applies to you:

  • You have not been a member of YHSA and you are requesting membership.
  • You have previously been a member of YHSA but your membership has expired.

If you wish to renew a membership, please log on to yhsa.org and complete the registration renewal payment in your account. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing!


Please read this section for an overview of the nature of our organization so that you can determine whether or not membership will be beneficial for your family.  YHSA Membership bylaws and policy have been included on page two.  You will be asked to submit an electronic signature acknowledging that your family meets the qualifications for membership.

To be a member of YHSA, you must be home educating at least one student.  The term Home Education, Home Educating, Home Educated will hereby include those students educated at home under Act 169, those not of compulsory school age, and/or those under the Religious Freedom Protection Act (RFPA).  YHSA membership exclusively applies to the home educated students within the family.

In addition, while we do not require you to be a Christian to be a member, YHSA is a Christian Support Group and we will practice traditions in keeping with the Christian faith as prescribed in the Nicene Creed.  As a Christian group and in the interest of protecting our children, YHSA excludes those professing the (LGBTQ) lifestyle. We define marriage as one man and one woman.

To complete your registration, you must fill out this content and complete the online payment.  

When you reach the section about Weekly Email, the Forum and Classifieds, we suggest that you leave the settings as they appear.  You can go back in and change them later if you don't like the way they are set.  We have a new member information packet that will help you learn about the website and other parts of YHSA.  

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