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This form is for NEW ENROLLMENTS ONLY, those who are NOT RENEWING an existing CHEC Membership in June/July. If you are currently a CHEC member and wish to RENEW membership, please follow instructions sent via email.
Please begin the application for CHEC membership by thoroughly reading through this website, including the CHEC Bylaws and then fill out this form completely. By submitting an application to CHEC, you are affirming that you reside in the state of Texas, and homeschool in Texas, per CHEC Bylaws.  A full year's membership in CHEC begins June 1st and runs through the end of July the following year.  However, new members can join at any time during the year. Membership fees are $30 per family and are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not pro-rated. All membership dues payments are made via this website. CHEC no longer collects dues by mail. Members who join during the school year (August 1 - May 31) should know that their membership will expire the end of July, unless renewed.  Questions about membership?  Please contact the CHEC Treasurer at treasurer@checin.org.  Thank you for supporting homeschooling in the Crossroads area! 

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