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Welcome to EarthSchool!

Our membership committee has approved your application for membership. You may now complete the registration process, login to the ES forum, and introduce yourself in the Welcome New Members thread. Our forum tends to be quiet over the summer, but there are a lot of ways (listed below) to get involved in the community.

A new member orientation in the works, but until then, here are some ways you can dive in and get more connected to the community. Just a gentle reminder, participation is a condition of membership.

  1. Attend a meeting!
    • Attend a Committee meeting!
      • Not sure what committee would be a good fit for you? You can attend a meeting and get a feel for what a committee does and how it functions.
      • committee meetings are listed on the calendar and are open to the whole community to attend unless otherwise noted (due to special circumstances). 
    • Attend a Community meeting!
    •  Join the DEI Book discussion!
    • Attend a Board meeting!
      • Board meetings happen infrequently since we have a community-led governing structure.
      • meetings are listed on the calendar
      • All meetings on the calendar are open to all members to attend (unless otherwise noted in special circumstances).
    • Attend a summer gathering!
      • Summer gatherings are informal field trips that happen weekly on Thursdays.
      • You can just show up and see who comes OR you can post to the forum and check in to see who might be attending.
      • FMI check out the calendar
  2. Join a committee!
    • You can read more about committees here.
    • Sign up on the "Class Registration" part of the forum.
      • There's no deadline and there's no one person running things—everyone is! 
      • With this sign-up, you will be "subscribed" to that committee's emails—found on the forum under the "Classes" tab.
      • When you post in this "Class" you will be emailing everyone on your committee. These posts are visible to anyone on the committee.
  3. Explore the Forum!

Welcome to the EarthSchool community. We're glad you're here! If you have additional questions, please reach out to the membership committee at [email protected].


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