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GCCHS members agree to read and abide by the GCCHS Policies, Code of Conduct and Field Trip Policy documents. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth in these documents may result in restrictions placed upon your participation in GCCHS.

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Members are required to sign a Field Trip Consent and Waiver form annually.

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By checking the "I acknowledge" box below, you understand the following statements about the make-up and administration of our group:

  • GCCHS is open to families who are currently homeschooling any or all of their children as well as families who are seriously considering homeschooling.
  • GCCHS is an inclusively Christian homeschooling support group. We are Christian in our approach to this group, homeschooling, and life in general. The leadership of this group agrees to a statement of faith prior to serving on the Steering Committee or Field Trip Committee and agrees to make their decisions for the group based upon it.  However, we do not exclude any family that desires to join our group, regardless of spiritual background.
  • For privacy protection reasons, the GCCHS website and the information it contains is for GCCHS members only. Information should not be distributed to and/or used by non-members.  Members should not use the GCCHS membership list for purposes of solicitation.
  • The Steering Committee reserves the right to revoke a member's website access and/or membership due to inappropriate behavior.
  • Any member may submit photos of GCCHS events to be posted on our private pages.  If you do not want your child's photo on the website, contact the website administrator to have it removed.
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By checking the "I acknowledge" box below, you understand the following statements about the Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

Code of Conduct:

1.  Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children during GCCHS functions. Children or parents) who behave in a manner that is out of control or damages the reputation of the group will lose the privilege of attending future functions.

a. Please restrain your children from running in buildings and climbing on structures  that are not playground equipment;

b. Encourage children to demonstrate respect by listening to the tour guides or staff members and GCCHS group leaders and coordinators;

c. Encourage children to refrain from disruptive, harmful and/or insulting behaviors toward children and adults alike.

2.  Restitution for damages, property or otherwise, caused by any student, sibling, parent or their guests will be the sole responsibility of the person(s)/family causing the damage and not GCCHS. This applies to all venues for official GCCHS events: church facilities, homes of  members, field trip locations, libraries, or any other location being used in an official capacity.

3. Alcohol or tobacco use will not be allowed at any function.

4. Please dress modestly and in good taste. The Dress Code applies to both parents and children.

Dress Code

Because we are representing Jesus Christ as well as GCCHS in our conversation, attire and behavior, we ask that members please dress modestly and in good taste.

This dress code applies to both parents and children.

1. Shorts may be worn, but should not be shorter than fingertip length.

2. Skirts and dresses must be at least of mid-length (to the knee).

3. Midriffs, halter tops, halter dresses, spaghetti straps, strapless tops, strapless dresses, tight or low cut clothing are not to be worn to GCCHS events.

4. Undergarments should not be visible on any person (student or adult) at any time.

5. Clothing with inappropriate graphic designs or inappropriate written messages may not be worn at GCCHS events.

6. For swimming and water events, women, young ladies and girls should wear tankinis or one piece swimsuits. If a suit is determined to be inappropriate, a large t-shirt will be loaned to be used as a cover-up until the event is complete. With so many young men and boys in the group, it is important for Christian ladies to dress in a manner that does not draw undue attention to themselves and cause unnecessary temptation to males visually.

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Would you consider volunteering to help with any GCCHS activities?

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If yes, which activities are you most willing to help with?  Choose your top 3 choices. 

Member Care: Coordinate Volunteers Member Care: Call a member that needs support
Member Care: Send a card of encouragement Member Care: Help shepherd new homeschoolers
Mom's Night Out: Plan a fun event for Moms Christmas Party: Plan or assist
Valentine's Party: Plan or assist Thanksgiving Party: Plan or assist
Easter Party: Plan or assist End of Year Party: Plan or assist
Other Special Party: Plan or assist Teen Group: Coordinate the teen group
Teen Group: Help plan events for teens Tween Group: Coordinate the tween group 10-14's
Tween Group: Help plan events for 10-14's Elementary Group: Coordinate the group
Elementary Group: Help plan events for 7-10's Preschool: Coordinate the Group
Preschool: Help plan events for 0-6's Speaker Events: Coordinate the group
Speaker Events: Help plan a speaker event Speaker Events: Plan event using library materials
School Pictures Workshops: Coordinate discussion panel event
Workshops: Sit on discussion panel Park Day: Coordinate a park day group
Park Day: Help plan a park day Spring Project Fair: Coordinate
Spring Project Fair: Assist with event Spelling Bee: Coordinate
Spelling Bee: Plan or assist Geography Bee: Coordinate
Geography Bee: Plan or Assist

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