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Thank you for your interest in REACH Co-op! 


Please note that this group meets in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas


Steps in the application process:

  1. Complete this online application
  2. Attend an Information and Interview meeting with Head Coordinator(s).
  3. Pay membership fees.
  • No checks will be cashed until after acceptance into REACH.
  • It is best for you to write a check for the full member amount when you apply.

There is a minimum of $100.00 due with your application.

 If you prefer, you may pay online, however, the payment will not be held and there is a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00.  If you are not accepted to REACH, the remainder of your application fee will be returned.

 Note:   Understand that joining REACH Co-op is making a commitment to the other families in REACH to teach for the school year.  Please prayerful consider whether you can make a commitment for the entire year.  Of course, we understand that at times things happen unexpectedly, and a family will need to leave prior to the end of the year.


Fees:  Membership fees are the material evidence of your teaching commitment to REACH families for the year and are not refundable after May 1st, 2016.  Your check will not be cashed until after acceptance.


Steps before applying:

  1. Read our Statement of Faith. 
  2. Read our Frequently Asked Questions. 
  3. Read our Handbook including Peacemaking Guidelines.

Next, If you agree with our:

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. Teaching service committment
  3. Mandatory attendance at semester meetings.
  4. Dress code and behavior guidelines 
  5. Background Check Requirement


Then, you may proceed to the application process below.

 If you do not agree, please do not apply.

 Application Form Instructions

Keep a record of your 2016 User Name and password.   (We suggest you put the year 2016 at the end.)  

The following is necessary for either communication or administrative purposes.

  • Include all attending children’s info, including birthdates.
  • Choose Weekly Update – This is our weekly newsletter.
  • Choose ‘Update to REACH members’.
  • Choose ‘Student department’ boxes for each of your children. 

Again, these 3 categories are necessary.  Thank you for keeping up to date.


All children's info is hideable from the other families, but needed for registration.

Notice the blue link for “Add Another” at the bottom of the ‘Child’ box. Please include all children, including those expected during that school year, but not born yet.  A space must be saved for them in the baby preschool room.



Optional Categories

The remainder of the forum categories are optional. They allow you to stay current on things such as prayer requests, as well as current home school opportunities. Another feature is your ability to post to the forum and ask questions about curriculum, look for a babysitter, and much more!


Thank you for showing that REACH Co-op is valuable to your family and we hope to be speaking with you soon.

Donna Kline and Virginia Jones
REACH Co-op Head Coordinator and Asst. Head Coordinator

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