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Registration for the 2015-2016 school year begins June 1, 2015.  Thank you for applying to join AHSA!

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Please note that a child registered with the SC Virtual Charter School is NOT eligible for membership in AHSA or HEART, as he or she is considered a public school student.

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  • I have read the current by-laws of the Anderson Home School Association, Inc. in their entirety (see "More About AHSA" on the sidebar of this website).
  • I understand that AHSA is a Christian organization and that by submitting this application for membership in the corporation, I am agreeing to abide by all standards and policies of the corporation as established by the Board of Directors and will refrain from engaging in any activity which may bring reproach on the corporation or home education.
  • I understand that my children's photos may appear on the AHSA website (no names will be used on the website).
  • I understand that new families that join AHSA are required to attend a How to Homeschool / Orientation Meeting on August 14, 2014, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, at the main branch of Anderson County Library.”
  • No student on probation with the state is eligible for membership with HEART.
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New Members Only :

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The Following Questions are for AHSA Members who wish to choose HEART as their Legal Accountability Option.  Others may scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the application.  Please note that ALL answers are required for HEART members (even those with "0 required" beside them).



Initial Application Renewal Application


Date to begin homeschooling:

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Are you the parent or guardian of the child/children you intend to homeschool?

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Name of Primary Instructor (which parent/guardian is the primary instructor?):


Does the primary instructor have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED?

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In which public school district is your homeschool located?

Anderson District 1 Anderson District 4
Anderson District 2 Anderson District 5
Anderson District 3 Other
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Greenville Abbeville


If you chose "Other" above, specify the district number and county.


Is any family member currently involved in a complaint initiated by a state agency (i.e. school district or DSS) concerning your child/children?

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Has this student been truant, expelled, or suspended from public or private school?

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If you answered "yes" to either of the above 2 questions, please provide a brief summary below:



If you are withdrawing your child from a public school, please provide the following information in the box below so we may inform them of your decision to homeschool.  This information is needed for each child you are withdrawing: 1. Child's name 2. School Name 3. School Contact Name 4. School Fax Number.

HEART will not contact you for this information.  Failure to provide complete and accurate information on this form will result in no notification being sent to the public school on your family's behalf.


Please read below and check the button below to indicate your agreement:

1. I, the primary instructor, am the parent or legal guardian of the child/children I intend to homeschool.

2. I, the primary instructor, hold at least a high school diploma or the equivalent general education development (GED) certificate.  

3. I/We agree to to school 180 days. I/We agree to have our school work for the year completed by May 31 if we are HEART members.

4. Our curriculum will include, but is not limited to the basic instructional areas of:
       --reading , writing, mathematics, science, and social studies in grades 1-6.

       -- literature, composition, mathematics, science and social studies in grade 7-12.

    I/We understand  that we must teach the basic instructional areas listed above each year I/We homeschool.

5. I/We will maintain the following educational records for each student in our homeschool:

    (a) a plan book or other written records indicating subjects taught and activities in which the student and parent/teacher engage.

    (b) a portfolio of samples of the students academic work.

    (c) a semi-annual progress report including attendance and individualized documentation of the student's academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas specified in item 3 above.

6. I/We acknowledge that I/we are solely responsible for our child's/children's education.

7. I/We certify that the information in this application is correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge.  If any information is found to be false, my/our membership may be voided.

8. I/We agree to the above stipulations and covenant together with other members of HEART to be accountable to God and to each other to fulfill our homeschooling responsibilities as required by law, and to represent the homeschooling community in a positive, appropriate, above reproach manner.

I agree I do not agree

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Would you like to join SCHEA at this time?  Membership is $15.00

AHSA is a member group of the South Carolina Home Educators Association (SCHEA), the state-wide support group.  You may join SCHEA through AHSA at a discounted rate for only $15/year.  SCHEA provides its members with useful services and keeps you up-to-date on homeschooling matters in our state.

Yes No

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Are you a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA?)

Yes, I am a member No, I am not a member

If you are not, please consider joining today.  AHSA has a group discount number  which reduces the HSLDA annual dues from $115 to $95.  Once your membership has been approved, you may access this number under the members section of the website.  The application to join the HSLDA can be found at

ALL APPLICANTS: Please note that your membership in AHSA and HEART is not valid until it is approved by the AHSA board, and we receive your membership fees, so please remember to send in your payments through PayPal after completing this application.  


Yearly membership dues for AHSA are $60.

Yearly membership dues for HEART are $15.

Yearly membership fee for SCHEA is $15.

Please be sure to make your payments either online through PayPal (see below), or mail in a money order to AHSA at PO Box 2382 Anderson, SC 29622.  No checks, please.

You can make a secure PayPal payment by clicking on "Pay online with PayPal" under the Public Pages in the sidebar.

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