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The cost for joining our group for the 2014-2015 school year is $35. Our year goes from August through July and you may join anytime from May 15th on for the following school year. We are a Christian group and operate on Christian principles. Read our statement of faith and be sure this is the right group for  you. We reduce the fees to $17.50 for those who join for the current school year between Feb. 15th and May 14th each school year.

Our membership fee is waived for full-time ministerial families. We offer membership to alumni families (youngest child must be graduated from high school) for $10 per year, and to out-of-area families for $8 per year.

You will need to rejoin every year by August 15th to continue your membership for the new school year. CFS Poway will approve web site membership after payment is received. You may pay immediately with paypal, or you may mail a check.  If you would like to receive the most recent newsletter and co-op information packet prior to sending in payment, send us a request via e-mail to


Check here if you have read and agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE.

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Are you members of or do you intend to join HSLDA? (You must be privately homeschooling in order to join)

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I have read and agree to abide by CFS Poway’s Member Responsibilities as well as the Fieldtrip Behavior Guidelines below.

Membership Responsibilities

Update your profile annually with new grades of children etc and as needed when address, phone or email changes. Submit annual fee via paypal or mail to Membership Coordinator. CFS Poway is funded solely through the annual Membership fee.

Abide by Event/Class Behavior Guidelines, including pre-registration and payment requirements. Notify field trip/class coordinator of cancellations prior to the event.

CFS Poway Field Trip Behavior Guidelines

The evaluation made by most of those who are closely watching home educators will be based upon the only thing they see – our children’s behavior in public. One of the most obvious ways for home school support groups to leave a good impression is by demonstrating good manners and a respectful conduct on organized field trips.

We should remember that when we visit, it is our responsibility to learn the establishment’s rules and comply with them consistently. This demonstration of self-government will not go un-noticed. We have set up the following guidelines for our group’s field trips, with the hope that we will become more representative of Christ, thus putting forth our best witness in our community.

The following guidelines must be adhered to when participating in a CFS Poway field trip:

1. Please contact the field trip organizer if you are unable to attend an event you have signed up for, so those on the waiting list may be given an opportunity to take your place. Payment for activities reserves your spot -- these fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Arrive on time! Be punctual as a courtesy to others. Allow extra time for traffic problems, getting lost, and parking.

3. Parents, please stay with your own children. You are responsible for your children’s behavior and safety upon their arrival and for the duration of the gathering. Remind your children of the behaviors you expect from them before arriving at your destination. Please be sure to determine if your younger children are able to behave appro-priately on certain field trips which may be geared for older children.

4. Parents, please encourage your children to listen and maintain eye contact when someone is speaking to show consideration and respect. It is appropriate for you to show the same consideration, modeling that behavior to your children. This is not a time to visit with other moms.

5. Dress and conduct should be appropriate for the occasion.

6. If children in attendance are disruptive, please excuse yourself from the group to handle the situation.

7. Do not allow your children to climb, touch, or handle things before asking the host for an "OK".

8. Finally, it is always gratifying for the person who is instructing our children during the field trip to hear "thank you’s" from the children as well as the adults. You may also have your children draw a picture or write a short note about what they learned and mail it to the instructor.



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I have read and my family will abide by CFS Poway's Scriptural Guidelines and Social Standards. Click here to read them. You may then click on the back button to return to this page.

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You need to select a volunteer job from our list at this link:

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Are you a full-time Ministerial Family? If so, please list the church or organization you are with.

If your family is facing financial challenges - especially if the primary breadwinner in your household is unemployed, we may have a full or partial scholarship available for your family to help cover membership fees. The application should be found under "Public pages" along the left-hand sice of the home page. Print it, complete it, and mail to the address listed. It can also be scanned and emailed to or given to any board member.

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