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The cost for joining our group for the 2015-2016 school year is $35. Our year goes from August through June and you may join anytime from May 15th on for the following school year. We are a Christian group and operate on Christian principles. Read our statement of faith and be sure this is the right group for  you. We reduce the fees to $17.50 for those who join for the current school year between Jan 15th and May 14th each school year.

Our membership fee is waived for full-time ministerial families. We offer membership to alumni families (youngest child must be graduated from high school) for $10 per year, and to out-of-area families for $8 per year. Payments for this should be made via paypal to with a note attached to your payment that this is for membership.

For those who wish to participate in Co-op Class Day(class fees will be separate), this fee is in addition to your membership fee.

1) Facility Fee is $40 per year per family if enrolling one child ($20 for second semester only)

2) Facility Fee is $75 per year per family if enrolling two or more children ($37.50 for 2nd sem. only)

You will need to rejoin every year by August 7th to continue your membership for the new school year. CFS Poway will approve web site membership after payment is received. You may pay immediately with paypal, (preferred method) or you may mail a check.  If you would like to receive the most recent newsletter and co-op information packet prior to sending in payment, send us a request via e-mail to


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Additional Questions:

If your family is facing financial challenges - especially if the primary breadwinner in your household is unemployed, we may have a full or partial scholarship available for your family to help cover membership fees. The application should be found under "Public pages" along the left-hand sice of the home page. Print it, complete it, and mail to the address listed. It can also be scanned and emailed to or given to any board member.