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Welcome to The Learning Connection!  We are glad you found us.  Please take a look at the following steps before requesting membership to be sure that this group is what you are looking for. 

After reading steps 1 and 2, please feel free to request membership to The Learning Connection.  After you fill this form out, you will be taken to a page asking you to fill out the Member Questionnaire.  This helps us to get to know you better and what needs you might have that we can meet through our group. 

Once you fill out the Member Questionnaire, you will be taken to the payment page.  Once the questionnaire and payment are received, we can then approve you into the group. 

We pray that by joining The Learning Connection, you will find encouragement and blessings as you continue on your journey of homeschooling.

STEP 1: 
Decide if The Learning Connection is right for you by reading what our ministry focus is. 
     Find out who we are by Clicking Here.
     Read about the Peacemakers Pledge by Clicking Here.
Read our Statement of Faith.  Click Here
We are unashamedly a Christian Home Education Group made up of believers who seek to honor the Lord in our homeschooling & corporately as well.

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Out of the hours you are attending, please check off which hours, if any, you will be teaching/co-teaching.

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If teaching, what are you teaching?

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Please check all areas where you would be flexible to serve.  Check all that apply:

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Upper Elementary Teacher (gr 4-6 Lower Elementary Teacher (gr 1-3)
Preschool-Kinergarten Teacher Hall Monitor
Nursery Study Hall
Xerox Fund Raiser Overseer
Fund Raiser Team Member Teacher Assistant
Anywhere you can use me Not attending co-ops
Unsure if attending co-ops

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As a co-op, we all need to help with set-up/clean-up.  All members will be scheduled for one of the 3 ten week sessions.  Please check what you would prefer. If it doesn't matter to you, then check I Am Flexible. If we do not have enough people for both clean-up and set-up then we will assign families. 

If you teach 2 or more hours, you are exempt. (remember: co-teaching only gives you 1/2 class credit. For example: You would need to teach a class alone and co-teach 2 classes to be exempt)  If you have a nursing baby under a year old, you are exempt for that year. 

Set-up will begin at 8:45 am and will take about 1/2 hour.  Clean-up will begin immediately after co-ops ends and will last no more than an hour. 
If you feel that you should be exempt from this please check exempt and explain below.  Thank you.
(1 required)
I am flexible Set-up
Clean-up Exempt
not attending co-op unsure if attending co-op


If you have checked off that you would be exempt from set-up and clean-up, please explain below.  Thank you.

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Do you have the need for a tagalong this year?

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not the norm and we do encourage children to go to the nursery if they are not old enough for a class.  But, we do understand there may be extenuating circumstances for a short period when I child is not comfortable without mom. 

Yes No
N/A - not attending co-op

Please answer the following Tagalong questions

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Child's Name (Please put N/A if no child)

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Age of Child tagging along (N/A if none)


Special needs we should know about (i.e. new baby, nursing baby, health related needs, etc.)


Go crazy here - write your pitch on why you should be in a class of your choice. Also, please let us know of any special gifts or talents you might have (i.e. - sewing, math, science, physical ed, etc.)

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Before the beginning of each TLC semester I will instruct my children in the conduct required of students in the Student Conduct Contract and am responsible for their conduct while attending TLC. 

(Click n/a if not attending co-ops)

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I understand that the Orientation Meeting held before each TLC co-op year is mandatory and I will attend. (Choose N/A if not attending co-ops)

Support Group Information / HSLDA

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Do you belong to any other homeschool support groups?


If you belong to a support group or plan on joining one in the fall, which support groups do you belong to?

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Are you an HSLDA member?

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If you are not an HSLDA member, would you like to know more about it?

Church Information

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Church Address

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Do you agree with the Statement of Faith?  

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I have read and agree with the TLC's Parent Contract and Peacemakers Pledge (A Commitment to Biblical Conflict Resolution).     

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