Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE)
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We exist to share our talents, gifts, education and work backgrounds in order to provide support and encouragement for families who feel convicted by God to homeschool their children.


When and where do you meet?

We meet on Mondays, September through May, from 9am - 2pm at Stafford Crossing Community Church (1420 Forbes St., Fredericksburg, VA 22405).

I see that Christian Heritage Home Educators (CHHE) is a conservative, Christian homeschool co-op. What exactly do you believe?

Our Statement of Faith can be found at the beginning of the CHHE handbook. Every member must sign that they agree with this document.

What ages can participate in the CHHE co-op?

We have classes for nursery through high school, but all classes are only available to families who have at least one school age child (age five by September 30th) participating in classes.

What is required of me, as the parent?

We are a true co-op where every family has at least one parent actively participating. We are not a drop-off co-op. Each hour, you would need to be leading or assisting a class, unless your child is attending all day, in which case you would get one hour off to join in a moms' class or hang out in the floater lounge.

How much does membership in the co-op cost?

There are a few separate costs: 
-Membership dues are $275 per family for the entire year.
-A $15 background check fee for new members or returning members, biennially.
-A $100 bond that will be refunded at the end of the co-op year to those who have followed the Handbook and not received 3 or more infractions in the same category.
-A few classes such as science or home ec. classes will require a small lab/supply fee to keep the overall cost down for those not participating in these classes. Each class will be labeled accordingly in the class description.
-The Spanish classes are also provided by a professional, independent contractor and has its own fee because of this. Each class will be labeled accordingly in the class description.

What about textbooks?

The class description will include a title and ISBN number of any textbooks your child may need to purchase ahead of class time. Not all classes require a text.

What do you offer moms? 

Homeschooling can feel quite isolating. Join our co-op and have access to moms' Bible studies, monthly Mom's Night Out, and the floater lounge where you can get to know other moms who are on the same journey.

When is registration?

We have tiered enrollment. If you are a new member you will need to request membership and participate in a quick phone interview by one of our directors. You will want to get that completed before registration opens. 

May 3, 9 am- enrollment for primary class leader of 2+ classes

May 7, 9 am- enrollment for primary class leader of 1 class

May 9, 9 am- enrollment for returning members

May 13, 9 am- open enrollment for new members


If you have missed the opening date, don't fret! There may still be space for your family in our classes. We will continue to accept new registrations throughout the year.



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