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Welcome to Guiding Arrows Co-op! 

NEW! Guiding Arrows 2022-2023 Class Schedule

Did you know?

  • For the '22-23 school year, we offer a wide variety of classes for 3rd through 10th grades. You can select the class(es) that will support your homeschooling endeavors.

  • We are a virtual a la carte school with in-person social events on Fridays. Social events include recess/hikes, field trips, and service projects in and around Loudoun County.

  • Our instructors are carefully selected and bring the subject to life for our students. They are passionate about what they teach, engage the students well, and use the virtual platform to their advantage.

  • The goal of our course offerings is to enrich and support your homeschooling year. Our classes offer independence and structure for your student, as well as customization options for your family.

Important Dates

School Year 2022/2023

  • We offer 30 weeks of live online class instruction
  • The first week of classes will be the week of August 29th
  • The last week of classes will be the week of May 1st
  • We break for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter
  • In-person social events on Fridays