Homeschool Plus (HSP) Homeschool Plus (HSP)

Welcome to Homeschool Plus!

Homeschool Plus (HSP) is a support center centrally located to serve Christian homeschooling families from the greater Hampton Roads area.   Our mission is to encourage you in your commitment to providing the best possible Christian education for your children through homeschooling.  

We offer a wide variety of classes, field trips, performing arts events and parent workshops so you can create a support system as unique as your homeschool. We look forward to meeting you and being of service to your family!


  • Rigorous academics and fun, with the goal of imparting a love of learning
  • Focus on core subjects of math, reading, vocabulary, and writing
  • Foundational skills taught in a multi-sensory approach
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing • Saxon Math •  Shurley Grammar with Sadlier Vocabulary
  • First Grade focus on reading and math skills using Math U See and Explode the Code                
  • Master Teachers experienced in classroom and homeschooling settings
  • Parent-teacher partnership with regular communication and home assignments 
  • Field trips and themes with exciting events throughout the year


  • Engaging, small groups that invite exploration  
  • An enjoyable mixture of art, music, theater, science with a full lab on campus  
  • Dozens of hands-on classes unique to Homeschool Plus
  • Inspiring teachers who are experts in their field
  • 125+ classes with choices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  

High School

High School made for you! Want to learn…

Engineering from professional engineers? World Building from a published author? Sewing and costume construction from an Emmy nominee? Art from award-winning artists? Anatomy and Physiology from an EMT and Physician’s Assistant? Film- Making from a professional?

We have an amazing staff of teachers who know how to build academic competence and inspire creativity. 

All Maths up to Trig & Pre- Calc.

Film- Making

Lord of the Rings

Engineering, Coding, Robotics

British Lit., Advanced Writing

Sewing and Costume Construction

Lab Sciences: Biology, Chemistry

A & P, Physical Science, Geology

Creative World Building: Cartography, Codes and Character

French 1, 2, 3

Spanish 1, 2, 3

Essay Writing with Class. Lit. and Analysis

World Geography and Cultures,

US History, US Government

Bible Studio Art

Honors Bible Studio Art

Advanced Writing, Journalism,

Speech and Debate

Write On: Creative Writing

Stained Glass,

Drawing and Painting

Ancient Cultures Through Lit.

Math Lab, Math Tutoring

Stage Performance

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Praise Team

Music Theory and Composition

Yearbook, Driver’s Education


Brain Bridges

  • Building more competent, confident learners
  • Unprecedented partnership with Homeschool Plus to bring Educational Therapy to homeschool students
  • Students benefit in cognition, perception, emotions, and academics
  • Individual and small group therapy sessions to increase attention, processing speed, memory, oral and written skills, auditory processing & more
  • Help for the learner struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia
  • Parents trained for home reinforcement to secure permanent change
  • Students assessed and met at their current functional level with regular progress measurement
  • THINK class for special attention in the area of focus and increasing attention span, self-regulation, and decision making
  • For additional information, please see the left-side navigation

New under Brain Bridges:  Occupational Therapy

  • Help for children struggling with motor skills such as poor grasp patterns and difficulty manipulating smaller objects
  • Help for children struggling with handwriting skills and handwriting legibility 
  • Help for children struggling with poor hand strength (can’t hold a pencil correctly, press too hard on the pencil)
  • Help for children struggling with sensory processing (can’t sit still, frequent fidgeting, have a hard time staying focused when challenged)
  • Help for children struggling with the right/left side of their body, knowing their right from their left, or coordinating both sides of their body together
  • Support for children with dysgraphia
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • Help for children struggling with body awareness (clumsy kids who drop things, frequently bump into things). 
  • The therapist will collaborate with family to ensure understanding and reinforcement of home program
  • Individual or group sessions available


Field Day
May 24 - Thursday
Final Grades Due
May 24 - Thursday
Graduation Ceremony
June 2 - Saturday
01:00 PM