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Our Spring Classes have been posted! 

* We have openings for families with students in the 11-15 age range, and their siblings. *

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Preview of Classes Spring 2022

Waldorf Room Green Room Gathering Hall Community Room
8th - 12th
Heidi Rugg
Inclusive Healthy Relationships and Sexuality Lessons
6th - 8th
Dawn Brooks
Makers and Creators Club
Michelle Black
Math for Haters
6th - 12th
Cary York
Edible Exploration
Pre-School - 5th ; 2 y/o - 11 y/o
Emily Hebner
Environmental Science Lab - Session 2
8th - 12th
Heather Kowell
Essay Confidence Continues!/Academic Writing for Middle School
6th - 8th
Suzanne Reamy
Cosplay/Anime Club
Marty Gonzalez (she/her)
Memoir and Creative Writing Class: How to write an effective story
11 y/o - 19 y/o
Heather Hayes
Introduction to Philosophical Thinking
9th - 12th
Delilah Alexander (she/her)
Curiosity Project
11 y/o - 19 y/o
Kat Cathell
What is it?! A math and science class for elementary explorers
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd ; 5 y/o
Vincent Webb He/him
Automation and Programming
8th - Adult ; 0 y/o
Jesse Ure
The Art of Improv | Improv Wizards Unite
6th - 12th
Heather Hayes
Art Lab for Littles
Pre-Kindergarten - 4th
Margaret Altonen
Philosophy for Young Thinkers
6th - 8th
Delilah Alexander (she/her)