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S.E.E.D.S. of Grace

Supplemental Educational Experiences, Disciplines & Services


  SEEDS, a ministry of Menchville Baptist Church, is a nonprofit co-op organization of homeschool families. We are committed to creating a God-honoring, cooperative environment for our community. Classes, taught by parents, range from art, drama, PE, and cooking to language, science, and math. In addition to classes, SEEDS offers regular field trips, spirit days, and Mom’s Nights Out, as well as events like the Fall Pumpkin Patch Trip, Talent Show, Project Fair, and Curriculum Sale and parties, such as the Happy Birthday Jesus Party, Valentine’s Bowling Party, and End of Year Party. Our annual yearbook is designed by members and SEEDS families have the opportunity to participate in a service project. We would love to have you join us and enjoy Christian-based support for your homeschool journey!


  The classes listed in the public "Class Registration" on the link located on the left side of the homepage is for the current session only.  Most of our classes change every 8 weeks for each of the 3 sessions, except for PE and our high school credited classes.  Announcements begin at 11:15 on each Tuesday of the session.  The first class starts at 11:45 and the last class is dismissed at 2:10. If you are interested in your family being a part of SEEDS, you must apply to become a member first in order to actually register your children for the classes.