Encouragement and Support for Homeschooling Families in Woodbridge, Virginia and the Surrounding Areas

Homeschoolers, you are welcome to join our group at any time! Click here to read more about WHEAT Homeschool Group, or join us here!

WHEAT membership is $25 for the whole family, for the year (July 1st, 2020 - June 30th, 2021). We try to offer up as many free activities as we can, but a few things are "pay as you go" since not everyone is able to participate, such as the Moms' retreat, field day, and occasionally a field trip that requires tickets (i.e. Kennedy Center performances). We try to keep extra costs to a minimum as much as is reasonably possible!

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemonium, did you find yourself thrust into the position of unexpected homeschooling? If so, take a deep breath, and relax. It's going to be okay. You do not have to suddenly invent a curriculum, or write lesson plans, or develop a scope and sequence for the rest of the school year. It will be enough to read good books, enjoy virtual field trips, and maybe practice a few math facts. If that's a bridge too far right now, that's okay too. Just love on your children! This too shall pass.

However, if all of this has piqued your curiosity about homeschooling in the future, you might find some helpful links here.

A little about WHEAT: Membership and participation is open to all area homeschoolers of all stripes, including those who educate at home via an online school (public or private). Many of our activities are not particularly religious in nature (i.e. field trips, park days, etc.). However, many key leadership positions require that the member serving in that role affirm our Christian Statement of Faith. The statement expresses the worldview from which our group is led, and our "Moms Only" times are often a time of sharing and encouraging each other in our Christian walk.

WHEAT is a volunteer-run organization. All of our events and activities rely on the willingness and ability of members to coordinate them. While leading an activity is not a requirement for membership, it does help the group be able to offer more to its members. 

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