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Welcome to PATH Home School Co-op

We are a non-profit ministry to home school families.

PATH Co-op is designed to offer students an assortment of enrichment and academic classes to supplement their home school experience.  We want to provide a Christian community where families can encourage and serve each other.  Our teachers are encouraged to teach a subject they are passionate about in order to pass their enthusiasm on to the students. 

If you would like to visit PATH Co-op on a Monday morning to determine if our co-op might be the right fit for your family, please contact Cheryl Kalt at  You can visit for the whole day and your kids can attend classes, or you can come for just Chapel Time at 9 AM and a tour of the building, or anything in between.  We have four hours of classes, with lunch between second and third periods.

Membership on this website is for paid members only, to protect the privacy of our members. If you are interested in learning more about PATH Co-op please contact our Registration Coordinator, Cheryl Kalt, at