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Founded in 1985, T.E.A.C.H. (Training, Educating & Admonishing our Children at Home) is an all-volunteer network of Christian homeschooling families in the Madison area of Wisconsin, organized for the purpose of encouraging other families who are providing a home-based private education for their children in keeping with Biblical principles.

As Christians we recognize the following:
1. The eternal existence of God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
2. The atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior
3. The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit
4. The supreme authority of the Bible as our guide for right and holy living


Monthly Meetings

T.E.A.C.H. meetings are at 7 p.m on the third Tuesday of the month (Sept-May). Please check the calendar each month for the location of the meeting as current conditions make it difficult to determine future meeting locations in advance. If you are a TEACH member, you may also check the forum as any changes will be sent out via email.  

We are currently meeting at Calvary Chapel Madison at 4702 E. Broadway, Madison  WI. 

Also, check the calendar for specific meeting topics, field trips and other activities.

Please note:  Making recordings (whether audio or visual) of TEACH meetings, workshops or special events is only allowed when speakers have given their permission to be taped. More details will be given at meetings as to what will be allowed for each meeting. For more details click on the Meeting Handouts & Audio tab.

TEACH offers a variety of meeting topics throughout the year, presented by both guest speakers and TEACH parents, in the form of a presentation, discussion group or whatever format best suits the topic.  We try to provide time for fellowship at the end of each meeting.  The majority of our meetings are directed toward the parents, but often many are appropriate for older children and some may be geared for the whole family.  Younger children are welcome at our meetings, if supervised by a parent, or someone designated by the parent.


"Carry each others burdens..." Gal 6:2
Teach members support one another in a variety of ways.  Common needs include illness, new baby, moving, etc.  Please contact the TEACH Reach coordinator if you or another member has a need we can help with.  The TEACH Reach coordinator is Laurie Zielke.  ([email protected] or 852-4553)

Using the Website

If you would like to post an announcement, share a prayer request, have items to sell, etc., please click on Forum on the top navigational bar.  Upcoming events can be added to the calendar.   If  you need instructions on how to post items, you will find detailed information on the side bar, under "How to Post Information".

For more information on Wisconsin homeschool law and history than is on the public pages, click on Publications/Articles on the sidebar.