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Who are the Belvoir Home Educators (BHE)?

Belvoir Home Educators is a not-for-profit group dedicated to the home education of our children. We are community and support for homeschooling families within the military. We give a place to belong, to organize activities and group learning and share ideas. 

How do I join the BHE?

We have a few requirements: You must be a DoD card holder, you must currently live in the area, and you must be currently homeschooling a school-aged child.  There is a $25 membership fee to join BHE.  Join by clicking the request membership tab, once you complete the membership request.

Is there a membership fee or commitment?

There is an annual membership fee. Also, all members are asked to volunteer during the year. Our group is strongest when we have many volunteers.  Have an idea that you think the group should offer- that's a great area to volunteer in. Payment can be made through PayPal. Cash or Checks can be given to BHE Treasure or BHE President at all BHE events and activities.

Why should I join the BHE?

Belvoir Home Educators provides numerous opportunities for home educators.  Field trips, coop, college prep, testing, friends, community, and general information are just a few of the reasons to join. 

What are Homeschool Support Groups?

  • A support group is an association of independent homeschoolers organized for the purpose of assisting and encouraging each other as they pursue home education for their children.
  • Support Groups are driven by some form of leadership, typically dependent on group consensus.
  • Policies, practices, and procedures are typically found in bylaws, depending on the size, structure, and functions of the group.
  • Many hold regular meetings, whether park days or other types of meetings.
  • Support Groups facilitate special events to encourage and support homeschool families. These include field trips, workshops, curriculum swaps, performances, science fairs, spelling bees, clubs and more. They also facilitate graduation ceremonies.
  • Support Groups are a nonprofit operation.

What are Homeschool Co-ops?

  • A homeschool co-op is a support group of homeschooling families.
  • Co-ops facilitate group academic or extracurricular teaching.
  • The group brings in outside teachers or private contractors for instruction, the classes are led by families within the group or co-ops can feature a combination of both.

What are Homeschool Playgroups or Field Trip Groups?

  • A homeschool playgroup or field trip group is a support group for homeschooling families.
  • The group meets regularly at a park or another designated place for learning.
  • The group also schedules field trips to provide homeschoolers with additional opportunities for learning, encouragement, and edification with each other.

I need to know what classes you will be offering in co-op for next year. What will you be offering, can I visit the class now for next year?

Our co-op is run exclusively by parent volunteers and varies by year and semester. The only way for you to know what will be offered for a class next year is for you to volunteer to teach it. Historically, it runs one afternoon/week and offers 2 classes for the younger classes and they take both of those classes. The older classes (high school and occasionally jr high/middle school) has at times offered 2 classes for that time period or one class that covers both time slots. We generally consider the classes enrichment classes and are not going to replace for core classes in your homeschooling. Sure, you can make arrangements to visit, but be aware, it's always completely different semester to semester.

Can I meet you to see if you are a good fit for my family before joining?

While we are confident that BHE has a place for everyone, we do offer "parent coffees" as an open meet and greet occasion, some field trips are open to the public and we have an annual ice cream social open to all to meet BHE members new and old.  Check the calendar for these events.

I'm new to homeschooling and don't know where to start!

We are all new to homeschooling at some point, don't panic. We are a support group but you will want to start with doing some research on what style of homeschooling you want to do. HEAV is a good resource to do beginning research. There as many opinions and styles on homeschooling as there are unique homeschoolers. It's all about what will work for you and your family. 

Laws vary by location. Locally, here at Fort Belvoir- if you have a child in first grade or above, you will need to file a notice of intent with the local school district. Belvoir is in the Fairfax school district. Link here: Notice of intent