St. Raymonds home school group (HSG) is a group of about 60 families that are linked together by our love of the Catholic Church, and who want to educate our children at home.  Most of us use a Catholic home school program such as Seton or Mother of Divine Grace, however, the beauty of home schooling is the flexibility that it provides each family – so there are numerous educational options available.   We have a monthly potluck in order to have families get to know each other better and form friendships among the children.  Additionally, we host a monthly teacher support group (TEA).  Our goal is home school support (in all of the various forms that it may take) and not exactly supplemental classes (of which there are many options in the NoVA area).

Boys Club-young (5-7 years)- a drop-off club for boys to do boy stuff (play games, run outside, Nerf gun wars, Hot Wheels, etc.) Parent support required.

Boys Club-junior (8-10 years)-a drop-off club for boys to do boy stuff ...mostly outdoors, not entirely structured.  Parent support required.

Career Night-An annual opportunity for teens to speak with and ask questions of individuals i various careers, open to the public.

Children's Holy Hour-Pray and adore as a group. Prays for HSG member's intentions and those on our prayer list

Couples' Night-An evening for couples to come out for a night of fun and relaxation.

Classically Catholic Memory Club- Families meet for recitation of memory pieces in 8 different subjects. Not a drop-off activity.

Game Club- All ages.  Board games and some theme days (Jeopardy!, Battleship).

Girls Club-a drop off club for 9-11 year old girls to have social and movie time.

Girls Snack & Chat - an activities and social club for girls ages 12-18.  Fun, food and conversation.

High School Improv - Fun, dramatic activities for teens.

Homeschool Information Workshop-an annual outreach to the parish community explaining the how's and why's of homeschooling.

Jr. Book Club-a reading club, Various books and themes. 1st-4th graders.

Kennedy Center School Performances-Several performances throughout the year for various age groups.  Includes a spring opera for older children.

Little Flowers- Catholic program for 5-9 year old girls based on virtues, saints, CCC & scripture-crafts too!

Monthly Family Potlucks-themed afternoons of fellowship. We open and close the year with a picnic in a local park.

Preschool Activities Club-Activities for 3-4 year olds. Timed to match up with Little Flowers and Jr. Book Club.

Shakespeare Club - Explore the genius of the Bard of Avalon. Ages 7-18.

T.E.A for Teachers- monthly opportunity for parent-teachers to support eachother through fellowship opportunities.

Teen Activity Club - Co-ed club for our high school students.

TheaterWorks-a theater experience for young children.  Tickets purchased at the beginning of the school year.


What is the mission of the St. Raymond Home School Group?


To provide fellowship and support opportunities for Catholic home schoolers and their parents, to build a sense of community, to share the liturgical year together, and to provide home management resources and support for each other.


What kind of opportunities does the St. Raymond Home School Group provide?


A listing of the various on-going activities that our group hosts throughout the year can be found in the left hand side bar.  The offerings are only as good as the volunteers we get.  So if there is something that you would like to see, then you are welcome to start an activity up for us.  All that usually takes is an email to the group asking if there are other families interested in joining you.  An example that immediately comes to mind is a cooking class for pre-school and early elementary students that was recently implemented by a new member this past year.


What is the child protection policy for the St. Raymond HSG?


All St. Raymond Home School events taking place on the property of St. Raymond Catholic Church in Springfield, VA, are considered parish sponsored events and therefore subject to the rules pertaining to the Diocese of Arlington's Child Protection Policy. 

Any event not taking place on St. Raymond's property will not be considered a parish sponsored event, and therefore not covered by the Child Protection Policy of the Diocese of Arlington.  At these non-parish events parents will be responsible for their own children, and are encouraged to take prudent precautions as they see fit.


Does St. Raymond of Penafort Church endorse the spiritual events that your group holds and advertises?


Spiritual events, unless held on St. Raymond parish grounds, are not to be considered endorsed or approved by Fr. DeCelles or St. Raymond parish, unless specifically noted.


I want to offer a new club/group and don't have room at my house can I use a classroom at St. Raymond's or the parish hall?


Yes, we can host clubs in the class rooms in the hall (Little Flowers, Book Club, game club, etc).  However, in doing so, we must be compliant with the diocese’s child protection policy since many children are dropped off.  In other words, you would need to go through the VIRTUS training program if you have not done so already.  I do not know all the “ins and outs” about the policy, (except 2 compliant adults are needed), but the coordinator of our parish’s program could answer all your questions. Patti Eckels, the coordinator, is in the CCD office and has all that information as well as the class schedule for this training. 


What are the home schooling laws in Virginia?


Virginia does provide a legally protected right to home school. Details of the pertinent laws can be found at the HSLDA website. 

Homeschooling in Virginia

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