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To learn more about our organization before joining, contact us.

Payment of dues ($25 annually) and submission of this registration form will give you access to our website.  Safe Environment Training is also required to be an ARCH member in good standing.  Information about obtaining SET training and submitting your form will be provided after joining.  Learn more about Safe Environment Training with the Diocese of Raleigh here.

(Please do not let financial hardship keep your family from joining ARCH Raleigh.  If you are in need of assistance for dues, please contact treas@arch-raleigh.com)


2017-2018 Registration

To register for the time period 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018, please fill out the following form and submit payment. Note that we cannot, for the safety of our members and their children, grant website access to anyone until we receive both registration information and verification of payment.

Please read the following notes regarding this registration form:

Secondary name: please add spouse's first and last names in these fields
Area Code: provide the area code for your preferred phone number
Phone: provide the remainder of the phone number matching the area code above in the format xxx-xxxx
Children: Since ARCH is a family organization, please list all of your children as you register, whether they are homeschooling, brick-and-mortar schooling, post-secondary or younger than school age. 
** A note about birthdates:  If you do not wish to provide your children's exact birthdates, please select a random date near to their actual date of birth.  This information is not shared outside of our group, but it is used for registrations for events, and allows us to automatically update our rosters every year.
** Space is provided for 1 child.  If there are more in your family, click the small "Add Child" link to the bottom left of the beige boxes on the form as you need to add them. 
Church Affiliation:  Please provide the name of your parish.

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