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Learn more about Pages






Create custom pages with no web design experience.


Unlimited. Create as many custom pages as you want. There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to your website. Pages can be public, private (secure for members only), or both. Use pages to organize, advertise, promote, encourage, inspire, provide information, share memories… Use pages to convert your forms from paper to digital. It’s that easy!


Page types.

  1. Upload a file

   EXAMPLE: Upload a PDF file containing your Code of Conduct or By Laws or a fillable Word document Medical Release Form

  1. Website link 

EXAMPLE: Link to your state homeschool association or HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association)

  1. Create text pages. Add in photos, graphics, slideshows, or videos to embellish your message

EXAMPLE: Tell families about your park days; include photos of previous park days to entice them to join in

  1. Database to share information that can be easily sorted, grouped, and retrieved

EXAMPLE: Provide a database of library books, field trip options, or children’s ages/grades

  1. Construct interactive pages to gather information from your families

EXAMPLE: Create a t-shirt or yearbook order form – complete with PayPal payment


  • Advertise your group to the public
  • Customize your secure site with relevant and attractive pages
  • Easy!  No design experience needed