Thank you for inquiring about our Christian homeschool organization. We serve Northern Michigan homeschooling families through a variety of activities.

1. To represent the home schooling community in a manner that honors Jesus Christ.
2. To provide moral support, informal sharing and educational training for parents.
3. To provide educational opportunities: skill exchanges, science fairs, and weekly gym/classes co-op.
4. To inform the community and educate new homeschoolers about homeschooling.

Joining Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan:

CHNM  membership is $45 per family per year. A membership year is from July 1-June 30. Your dues entitle you to participate in the following activities:

  • website access
  • yearbook
  • teen club
  • science fair
  • Christmas Program
  • Spring Performance Night
  • Family potlucks
  • any other CHNM-sponsored activities

Our CHNM website is designed as a communication and informational tool for members. CHNM is open to any Christian homeschool family in Northern Michigan. Please contact our registrar at for more information.

Joining weekly CHNM gym/classes:
Our weekly class day for the 2017-2018 academic year is currently full. We are accepting names for our waiting list. Class day is on Wednesdays from September through April, with a break in December & January. If you would like more information about our weekly gym/classes co-op, please contact Michele Minier, Registrar, at Co-op membership requires teaching or helping with classes and coordinating CHNM activities along with an additional $135.00 fee.