Fundraiser Fry's Community Rewards

The Fry's "Cool Cash" program has provided the majority of funds for CHET-SE activities like jumping castles, facility rentals, graduations, printing costs...

Fry's has changed their program and the bar code from previous years will NOT work. 

The new program is "Community Rewards" and we need for you and your family members to enroll!  Please enroll if you shop at Fry's!

Directions to enroll in the CHET-SE fund raiser.

You are NOT required have a V.I.P. card to enroll, a “digital” card can be made for you online.

Find your V.I.P., if you have one, as you will need the number in the following steps:

1) Click on the Fry’s Food Community Rewards link:


2) Click on the blue “Enroll Now” box.

3) If you already have an account, login & skip to step #7


4) Create an account by clicking on the orange box “Create an Account” in the upper right corner.

5) Enter your sign-in information (email, password, confirm password). Type your zip and select the store where you usually shop.  Choose orange rectangle near lower left “Create Account”.  If you do not have a VIP card, you can make a digital one at this time.

6) Go to YOUR email account from your sign-in registration and open the “Activate Your Account Now and Start Saving!‏” email.  Click on the long link and log into your new account.


7) “Edit” your VIP card.

8) “Edit” your Community Rewards.  CHET-SE Organization number is 80618.

First you will be requested to update your address:

On the next screen, type 80618 in the search box, SEARCH, select the button for CHET-SE and SAVE.

You are finished!


I know this is more work than scanning a bar code when you shop, but PLEASE enroll in this important fund raiser for CHET-SE and share with your family & friends!!  Thank you. smiley