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Access to this secure site is for SWGHA members only. Membership for the 2016-2017 year is now open.

If you are a current member AND already have website access, go back and click the Renewal 2016-17 link to renew your membership (AFTER you log in) 

If you are not currently a member,  but are interested in joining our group, please click the Membership 2016-17 link above and complete it FIRST. The following form is for website access and should be completed after the Membership 2016-17 form has been completed and payment made.

Once your membership forms, waiver and payment have been processed, your website access will be approved.

There is a step by step guide on the home page under the How to Join link.

We feel we have much to offer and look forward to serving you soon.

UPDATE FOR 2016-17 YEAR: After you have completed the Membership 2016-17 form and pay your membership fees, please return to this page to request website access. I apologize for the additional step but unfortunately site changes have deemed it necessary. 

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