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Tri-County Area Home School Graduation


Mid-Michigan Homeschool Graduation is open to homeschool families and their graduates throughout the mid-Michigan area. Families are not required to be CHEMinistry members in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. The ceremony is intended to honor the parents and the graduates and to serve as a culminating celebration of the families’ homeschool journey. The event includes a graduation ceremony (where among other things, the parents present diplomas to their graduate) and a reception (with light refreshments) held directly after the ceremony. 

There are three group meetings throughout the year, a rehearsal the night before the ceremony and then graduation day. Communication is primarily through group emails via the Graduation Coordinator.

First Meeting - The first meeting is held the third week of September (please check the calendar or Facebook for the exact time and location). BOTH Junior and Senior family attendance is required for the September meeting, especially if you have never participated in a CHEMinistry ceremony before. The graduation reception committee is composed of junior parents and students, while the graduation ceremony committee consists of seniors and their families.  Students and at least one parent should attend this meeting.

During this meeting we will:

  • discuss the mechanics of graduation
  • select committee coordinators
  • assign volunteers
  • determine a date and location
  • choose speakers, a class motto, and a class verse. 
  • Each senior in attendance gets one vote.
  • You will be given timelines and a check sheet before you leave 
  • Come prepared to volunteer (positions are listed below)
  • A down payment on the graduation fee is due at the meeting.

If seniors want to have a say in location, date, etc., one of their parents can attend the meeting and vote in the senior's place. However, we highly recommend both students and parents attend if at all possible.  

If you can not attend this meeting but still want to participate in the ceremony, please do the following things prior to the meeting: 

  • Juniors, get your name and email address to Tanya Hayes at  You will also need to indicate whether or not your family can volunteer to coordinate the Graduation Reception.  The Coordinator receives a detailed report on what needs to be done and all the other Junior families will help so it's not an onerous task.  Juniors will need to attend a mandatory planning meeting in April and set up the reception the night before the graduation.
  • Seniors, you also will need to get your name and email address to Tanya Hayes at  You will be asked to mail a down payment on the graduation ceremony fee. Remember, if you miss this meeting, you will miss voting on the class verse, class motto, graduation date, graduation location, commencement speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. 

Final deadline for participation is January 31. Email Tanya Hayes at with questions or more information. Late participants will get a copy of the September Meeting Minutes so they are aware of the decisions that were made.

Please note: Juniors that help with the reception become the seniors that are able to suggest speakers, locations, dates, class motto and verse.  Seniors that did not help with junior reception will have a chance to vote but not make suggestions.

Mid-Michigan Homeschool Graduation Volunteer Positions

Ceremony Committee (Senior Parents) 
Treasure, Program Volunteer, Yearbook Coordinator, Cap & Gown Volunteer, Gift Card Volunteer

Reception Committee (junior families)
Junior Reception Coordinator, Rehearsal & Ceremony Helper, Junior Reception Helpers (cake, flowers, balloons, dried goods) Decorations Coordinator, Senior Presentation Review Committee (3 person committee)