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Welcome to Nassau County Home Educator Support Group (NCHE)!  We want to make sure we are on the same page and that this is the right homeschool group for you.  Please read the following and if you agree this group is the right fit, complete and submit the application below.

We require all perspective members complete their applications entirely, including home address, all children's names (first and last) and birthdates. You do NOT need to provide a grade level. You will also need to submit the $20.00 NCHE Mebership Fee as soon as possible upon completion of the form so that your membership can be approved.  

We also require each family to plan a field trip or help organize one of NCHE's large annual events each year.  Many hands make light work!  If you are unable to plan a field trip or assist with an event, a $50 fee will be charged to your account and that will go toward organizing an event in your stead.

NCHE is a Christian homeschool group.  All are welcome into our group and you do not need to be a Christian, but please understand that our group is governed by Judeo-Christian Biblical values.  Our field trips, activities and class offerings will tend to be faith based.  We ask that you respect that Christianity is the foundation of NCHE and that our board members' decisions and bylaws are based on this foundation.

We ask that each family that participates in NCHE group activities make an effort to dress modestly and practice good behavior.  Parents must take responsibility for their own children and others under their care, ensuring that they behave in a manner that will enable all to enjoy and benefit from the event.

By submitting this form, you indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of membership described above.  Thank you for your application!  We are so excited to be on our homeschool journey with your family! 

Your membership is valid from now until June 30th.


Forum emails are the main form of communication for all of our members!  It is important that you recieve them quickly so that you do not miss important, time sensitive information! Below you will see a section of yes or no questions that is labeled "Forum Emails". It is our policy that ALL members check the "YES" button on the first question, "Would you like to recieve forum notifications via email?". It is then up to each member if they would rather recieve those emails "IMMEDIATELY" or "ONCE A DAY" by selecting their preference in the "Many Emails" or " Daily Digest" questions that follow. 


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