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Network Policies

Network Policies


Preparedness for Class

It is each student’s responsibility to come to class fully prepared, all homework completed, and ready to participate.  Since The Network supplements the family’s home education experience, the teacher will monitor the student’s preparedness and initiate feedback to the family when needed.


Tardiness disrupts the classroom environment, and portrays a poor attitude. When a student is late for class the teacher will note the tardiness on the class attendance record.


If the student is to be absent:

  • Call The Network phone (664-3421) to let the administrator know of the absence prior to the student’s first class period.
  • Contact the teacher as soon as possible to get assignments so all assignments can be turned in on the Monday the student returns.

Absence Limits:

  • 1-3 absences: all excused, regardless of reason.
  • 4th absence: Possible family meeting with Board representatives.
  • Families needing to maximize flexibility may not find The Network to be a good fit.

Dress Code

All students are required to wear an unaltered Network shirt or sweatshirt with one of the official Network logos (old or new). The Network logo must be visible at all times. We strongly encourage purchase of both a t-shirt and sweatshirt as the building is cold in the winter.  Students may not wear hats/caps as this is considered irreverent by many  in church buildings.  Skirts/shorts may be no more than 3” above the knee and pants/shorts/skirts are to have no holes above the knee, writing on the behind, and should completely cover all undergarments. Please no leggings or jeggings.

If a student fails to wear his/her uniform in a modest manner, which is at the discretion of the Administrator, or in compliance with the above code, they will be sent to the hall monitor to:

1.     Check out a loaner t-shirt or sweatshirt to be turned in at the end of the day.

2.     Call parent/guardian to bring uniform to The Network.

3.     Purchase a Network shirt/sweatshirt at hall monitor’s table (family will be billed for the amount).


If a student has cheated, the teacher will work to resolve the situation with the student and family.  If the situation cannot be resolved with the student and family, the teacher will refer it to the BD.  The BD will review all the available information, request a family meeting, and set disciplinary action up to and including removal from The Network.

Class Drop Policy

Classes dropped:

• before the 1st day of class:  no tuition will be charged, no drop fee

• before Sept. 7th :  $20 drop fee per class

• on or after Sept. 7th:  family pays for first quarter ($72.25 per class)

• on or after Sept. 23rd:  family pays for entire year ($289 per class)

2nd Semester: Government class only

• before the 1st day of 2nd semester class:  no tuition will be charged, no drop fee

• before the 3rd Monday of 2nd semester:  $20 drop fee per class

• On or after the 5th Monday of 2nd semester:  family pays for entire year ($144.50 per class)

To drop/add a class, complete the required online form and notify the teacher.

Snow Policy

The Network may cancel or delay classes due to bad weather. Late starts and cancellation decisions will be made by 6:30am and transmitted by email and Rained Out text alert. If Des Moines School District cancels classess, Network will as well, with an email and Rained Out alert sent out. To join the Rained Out text alert group, see instructions on the member home page.

The Network Classes Cancelled:  Teachers will assign homework via email for the week. Families pay tuition for snow days.

The Network Delayed Start:  When The Network employs a late start schedule, classes will begin at 10:00am with 2nd and 3rd period classes beginning at 10:50am and 11:40am respectively.  Lunch and afternoon classes will resume at their regular times. 

When The Network has not cancelled classed, but your local school cancels due to bad weather, call the Network Administrator on the Network cell phone (664-3421) to be excused for the day.  Contact teachers for your assignments.

Cell Phones

Students are to turn off their cell phones and keep them in their bags during the day. They are allowed to call/text ONLY during a break in their day in the lunchroom/gym or between the double doors in the front foyer as they wait for their ride. If you need to contact your student during the day due to an emergency, please call The Network cell phone and a message will be given to your student.

Firearms and weapons

Students of The Network may not have in their possession any of the following prohibited items. This policy covers any facility where The Network meets and any time while the Network is in session including times before and after The Network session while individuals are arriving or departing.

1.     Firearms as defined by Iowa Code

2.     Any dangerous or prohibited item as defined by Iowa Code Section 702.7

3.     Any other item as determined by the Advisory council or the facility in which we meet.

4.     Explosives including fireworks as defined by Iowa Code

Exceptions to this policy may only be made in advance with the consent of the Director, Administrator, and Facility Manager.

This policy is not construed to imply prohibition of legal weapons possession, yet any such possession must be approved of or in compliance with the director, administrator, or facility manager.

If any prohibited item is found, it will be immediately confiscated. The first offense will carry a fine of up to $100 and possible expulsion as determined by the Board of Directors. Any second offense will result in immediate expulsion without recourse or remedy other than due process.

Facility rules at Grace Church

We want to honor Grace Church by keeping wear and tear of the facilities to a minimum.

1.   Do not use the phones at Grace Church or ask church staff to run messages. Use the Network cell phone at the Network Administration table.

2.   No student, parent, or teacher will be allowed to use the first floor main kitchen.

3.   No students may use the bathrooms by the office. These are for church staff only.

4.   There will be no food or drink in the atrium.  Food and drink are allowed in the classroom for organized activities/events.  Please respect this.

5.   Do not go through the double doors to the south of the bathrooms and do not go into the worship center.

6.   In order to leave the building, the student must sign out and back in on list at the Network Administration table and must have a break of at least 1 hour between classes.

7.   We are being given the privilege of using the gymnasium. We will be using it for babysitting, lunch and a hang out area between classes. Grace will have the hoops down most of the time in the gym.

8.   Please clean up after yourselves. We must leave the rooms and gym area clean.

9.   Younger children must be supervised at all times.

10.  Lunch can be eaten in the gymnasium. No eating in class unless it is a party or initiated by the instructor. No food leaves the classroom. It is OK to use the drinking fountain by the bathrooms.

11.  Use of the Atrium is prohibited.

12.  While waiting for rides, students need to be either in the gym or between the two sets of doors at the east entrance.