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Have a great Summer!

For the privacy of our families, we do not display any calendar items or information about our meeting location on the public website.

Looking for a co-op?

We accept applications to participate in our co-op from our general membership.   Our classes are decided by the needs of the students and ability of the parents to teach.

We have an intimate group of 10-15 families in our co-op with a maximum of 40 children.  Our children enjoy close friendships with a small co-hort of children.

2018-2019 General Member Benefits

This year we hosted open houses in the fall and spring. We had 3 parties and went on field trips every month.

Our field trips included:
Orlando Science Center             Radio Station
Fountain of Youth                     Air Show
Corn Maze                               Kennedy Space Center
Night under the stars                Apple Store
Lantern Walk                           Legoland
Bulow Plantation                      County Emergency Operations

Blue Springs (Manatees)

We participated with Helping hands to provide stockings for soldiers, crosses for Veterans day, and visiting a nursing home for Christmas.

2018-2019 Co-op classes

Our co-op offered a nursery for infants and young children. 
The 4-6 year old group had classes in science, art, author studies, music and phonics.
The 7-9 year old group had classes in Animal Science, Plant Science, Florida Facts and Grammer Games. 

The 10-13 year old group had Astronomy all year with 1 semester of Florida Facts, Cockatile raising and a unit on Government.

"This year in Astronomy we constructed multiple astronomy instruments to measure scientific data including a star wheel and an astrolabe.  We learned our position in space and became excited about the impact of science in our lives.  We experienced so many fun projects but most importantly we recognized that God mad an amazing cosmos to discover." - Our Astronomy Teacher