Homeschoolers By The Sea

Looking for a New Homeschool Group?

Homeschoolers by the Sea was founded in 1994 to support Christian homeschool families in the St. Johns area. We have two membership plans to provide more options for your family. Whether your family is looking for organized weekly classes or a more relaxed atmosphere only to socialize, we hope HBTS will be the perfect fit!

HBTS is not an umbrella shool and all families are responsible for fulfilling their district's homeschool requirements.  Families can choose the curriculum that works best for their children to complete at home and then join our co-op for enrichment.  We can't wait to meet you!

Our group includes two types of members: co-op members and general members. 

Co-Op Member Benefits

-Weekly classes

-Holiday parties

-Special events like Science Fair, Field Day, and guest speakers

-Monthly field trips

-Park meet ups

*Parents are required to fulfill two service commitments.

General Member Benefits

-Beginning and End of Year Parties

-Monthly field trips

-Park meet ups

*Parents are NOT required to fulfill a service commitment.

Spring 2024 Classes

4-5 Year Olds
6-8 Year Olds9-11 Year Olds12+ Year Olds
Class 1Science
Fables and Fun
Survival School
World History
Class 2Alphabet Zoo
Health and PE
Health and PE
Money Madness

*This class is only offered if older siblings are also enrolled.

2022-2023 Year in Review

We had such a wonderful year! Here are a few classes, field trips, and events that we enjoyed to give you a glimpse into our wonderful homeschool group!


The 4-5 year olds enjoyed classes like Math and Movement, Music, and Storytime.

The 6-8 year olds learned Botany, Physical Education, Art, United States Government, and about life on the Oregon Trail.

The 9-12 year olds studied good character traits from the Bible, life on the Oregon Trail, and Art.

The 13 and up class studied the Chronicles of Narnia and World History.


Our homeschoolers love exploring Jacksonville and St. Augustine!  We loved visiting the St. Augustine Pirate Mueseum, the Jackonville Zoo, Ring Power, and a bowling alley.


Co-Op members get a little extra fun with their membership with Special Event days like a Christmas Party, Book Character Day, Talent Show, Field Day, and a Helicopter Landing!

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