Homeschoolers By The Sea

Looking for a new co-op?

Homeschoolers by the Sea was founded in 1994 to support Christian homeschool families in the St. Johns area. We have two membership plans to provide more options for your family. Whether your family is looking for organized weekly classes or a more relaxed atmosphere only to socialize, we hope HBTS will be the perfect fit! 

HBTS is not an umbrella shool and all families are responsible for fulfilling their district's homeschool requirements.  Families can choose the curriculum that works best for their children to complete at home and then join our co-op for enrichment.  We can't wait to meet you!

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Co-Op Membership

Our co-op includes two types of members: class members and general members. 

Class Member Benefits

-Weekly classes

-Holiday parties

-Special events like Science Fair, Field Day, and guest speakers

-Monthly field trips

-Park meet ups

*Parents are required to fulfill a service commitment.

General Member Benefits

-Beginning and End of Year Parties

-Monthly field trips

-Park meet ups

*Parents are NOT required to fulfill a service commitment.

2022-2023 Classes

Class membership to Homeschoolers by the Sea includes weekly classes. All classes are taught by parents. These classes are considered supplemental and are not meant to replace the student's home curriculum. However, the work they complete here can definitely be included in your yearly homeschool portfolios.

Fall 2022 Classes

4-5 year oldsMusic & MovementStorytime
6-8 year oldsUS GovernmentArt & Movement
9-12 year oldsGood CharacterArt

World and American History:

Explorers to Present

C.S. Lewis Literacy Club