Lighthouse Home Educators

Expectations of Behavior

The following are expectations of etiquette for LHE members.  Please remember that our actions not only reflect on our Lighthouse Home Educators group, but also on the entire homeschool community!


  • We would appreciate it if parents would take responsibility for their children’s behavior; we believe that we are a testimony for the Lord Jesus and for the entire homeschooling community.
  • Please take the time to review Expectations for Behavior with your children before any Lighthouse activities. If your children are disruptive, please excuse yourself from the group to handle the situation.
  • If your younger children are unable to behave appropriately during field trips or activities that are geared for older children, consider sharing the care of young ones with other members with young ones.
  • Please silence all electronic devices and keep them in a purse, book bag, or pocket during classes, field trips, and events.
  • At any time during a field trip or event, if you will not be staying for the duration of your child(ren)’s activities, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for another Lighthouse adult to remain on the premises at all times to supervise your child(ren).  In this instance, we also require that you provide him/her with your cell phone and/or an emergency contact number where you can be reached during your absence. 
  • At some field trips/events, parents may need to be chaperones for other children.
  • Please escort your children into their Lighthouse activity, especially when we are meeting at a library or church, and make sure that they get to their activity or class.
  • Classes: After praise and worship, students in preschool and up can be handed over to a designated LHE parent helper in a designated area to be escorted to the first period class and subsequent classes throughout the morning. Before and after classes, it is the parent's responsibility to supervise their child(ren) to ensure students stay off of the stage, do not run, do not play with balls, or engage in horseplay. Once classes have ended for the day and you have completed your teacher/parent helper responsibilities, students must be picked up at the designated location promptly and continually supervised by the parent. Once you have picked up your child(ren) at the conclusion of classes, please exit the premises promptly. If you need to meet or visit with other LHE parents/families, please make arrangements to meet elsewhere off premises. 
  • Field Trips:  Please escort your child to the Lighthouse Activity and check in with the coordinator. Stay with your child(ren) in the assigned group, or make sure you have assigned another parent to be responsible for your child(ren). Please inform the coordinator of that responsible adult.
  • Events:  Parents are responsible for their children during events.
  • We expect parents to dress modestly and appropriately for all LHE activities.


  • We expect students to respect, obey, and listen to any Lighthouse parent at any Lighthouse activity and/or any person in authority when an adult is talking to them, including situations that may require “gentle” discipline.
  • We expect students to speak respectfully, to listen carefully, and to not interrupt parents or tour guides.
  • Please silence all electronic devices and keep them in a purse, book bag, or pocket during classes, field trips, and events.
  • We expect students to respect other homeschoolers in our group. No fighting, teasing, pushing, hitting, or causing harm to other students is allowed. No foul or offensive language will be tolerated.
  • We expect students to respect the personal property of others and the facilities we are using.  No running around, climbing, or jumping is allowed in the classrooms, hallways, or buildings.  Only use equipment as it was intended to be used.  Put trash in its proper places.
  • Students are to be accompanied in hallways before, during, and after an activity by parent or classroom assistant.
  • Students may not engage in girlfriend-boyfriend talk or behavior.
  • We expect students to dress modestly and appropriately for all LHE activities.