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Mrs. Karen Heuer To All Instructors

Karen graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1984 with a B.A. in International Relations and a desire to go on to Law School. To get experience in the field, she worked at a law firm in Minneapolis for several years both prior to and during law school. She was at the firm of Zimmerman, Caplan and Reed, first as a receptionist, then legal secretary, and finally as a law clerk. She continued with this firm for a time as a law student until the opportunity to work as a law clerk supporting an in-house litigator became available at Control Data Corporation, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Wishing to become a litigator herself, representing clients in the courtroom, she seized this opportunity and continued at Control Data throughout law school. Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of law in 1989. She was immediately hired by Control Data Corporation as an attorney and began litigating cases for the company all around the United States. Karen was married in 1990 and began working for a new corporation, National Computer Systems, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. At NCS, Karen still litigated cases and also began working in the area of employment law and patent law.

Karen and her husband Dean had two kids and Karen continued to work for NCS. However in 1999, upon having their third child, the Heuers decided to make a change and began homeschooling. The Heuers have been doing this ever since. They have graduated two children from their homeschool, their oldest boy is now a U.S. Marine, their daughter is graduating college in the spring of 2016, their youngest child is still homeschooling and in 11th grade.

Karen has taught American Government before and is looking forward to teaching again because it fits with her interests, skills and background. She studied government both in her undergraduate program and, of course, in law school and has continued to learn during her homeschool career. She believes strongly in providing a clear understanding of our government--its founding, growth and current state; its structure and operations-- in order to provide students with the basis to participate meaningfully in our government.

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