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Mrs. Cristen Schmalz To All Instructors

Cristen Schmalz has a bachelor degree in speech communication from University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.   She loves the power of words and learning how to construct messages that clearly communicate, inspire, and empower those around you.   She will help you to feel comfortable while growing in your skill of public communication.  Cristen and her husband, Gary, have four kids.  Together they homeschool and travel as much as possible.

Current Classes
PSEO College Writing & Research - ENG 1510 P2 - Crown College - 3 credits – Course Assistant (open)
High School United States History – Tutor (open)
High School American Government/ Introduction to Economics – Tutor - Economics (open)
High School World History & Geography: Renaissance to Present – Tutor (open)
Introduction to Business – Co-Tutor (open)
Middle School Health (last 4 weeks Fall sem & first 10 weeks - Spring sem) – Tutor (open)