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Mrs. Marhea Harris To All Instructors

Mrs. Marhea Harris was born and raised in Minnesota. She graduated with her BS degree in Early Childhood from Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN in 2009. She has enjoyed signing since junior high. She took American Sign Language classes in college and eventually graduated with her American Sign Language Studies Certificate in 2005.

Mrs. Harris has been able to help interpret for church Deaf ministries and has had the privilege to go on a couple missions trips in which she has had contact with people who are Deaf. One mission trip was to Jamaica to a Deaf school. She has taught a Community Education ASL class for elementary students and has a passion for ASL as a language and teaching people the language to be able to connect with people who are Deaf. She also enjoys singing and/or signing music, reading, doing Counted-cross stitch. She is married and has a sweet 2.5 year old son.

Current Classes
American Sign Language I - ONLINE (TH 3:15-4:15pm) – Tutor (open)
American Sign Language III - ONLINE (F 3:15-4:15pm) – Instructor (open)
American Sign Language II - ONLINE (M 3:15-4:15pm) – Tutor (open)