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Ms. Robin Schaible To All Instructors

Robin’s love of literature started at the age of ten when after a move to a new town, she read S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders thirteen times. That passion for books continued right into her late teens and early twenties when classics like Jane Austin’s Emma helped her navigate her five years at North Central and Pride and Prejudice ushered her right into her career as a Corporate HR Training Manager.

While writing and conducting training manuals and programs paid the bills, Robin used her spare time to write bad poetry and short stories that were never quite as good as Flannery O’Conner’s works. At the age of 31, Robin stepped away from work to pursue motherhood full time and discovered the joy of leading and teaching at book clubs, Bible studies, church kid’s clubs, vacation Bible schools, and Girl Scouts.

Robin has one fantastic hubby, three unique teen daughters that she has both homeschooled and facilitated PSEO for, two spoiled but sweet Goldendoodles, two turtles, and 13 fish whom she hasn’t bothered learning the names of. Robin is excited to bring her motivated, upbeat style of teaching into the classroom and help students discover their own love of reading for a lifetime. You can catch Robin at her weekly storytimes at the Elk River Library.

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