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Mrs. Stephanie Larson To All Instructors

Mrs. Larson graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in magazine publishing. She pursued reading and writing at a young age; by junior high, she was pounding away on her first “novels” with an electric typewriter, whiteout in hand.

Stephanie’s parents -- both journalists -- encouraged a pursuit of focused, purposeful writing. Her favorite childhood question was, “Why?” Eventually, her visual creativity merged with writing and photography to form a love for publishing and page design. She has written and laid out hundreds of articles, including a series for Farm Journal. She has also edited and laid out numerous fiction and nonfiction books as well as thousands of articles for reference works.

Stephanie’s goal in teaching is to make each session and exercise fruitful, engaging and fun, and to help students understand the relevance of the work in their own lives.

When not writing, editing and designing pages, Stephanie can be found on her family’s 12-acre hobby farm tending to cattle, goats and chickens; volunteering for 4-H; spending time with family; and, of course, reading. She has been a home educator since 2014.

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