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Mr. Ryan Thornton To All Instructors

Ryan Thornton spent five years as a missionary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire). During this time, he became fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish. The Congo is a French-speaking country that has several national and local dialects and languages. During his time in the Congo, Ryan also learned to understand Kiswahili (Swahili) well and to be an adequate speaker of this language. Ryan is greatly indebted to the five years spent in the Congo which helped him grow as a person and in faith. Ryan has taught language and French and is currently teaching around the metro area.

Ryan and his wife were married in 2018 and live in St. Paul.

B.A. in Romance Languages (2018), Wayne State University

M.A. in Philosophy (2020), Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Current Classes
PSEO Visions of the Good: Ethics & Worldview -┬áCT 213.PW01 - NCU - 3 credits – (inactive)