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Mrs. Carla Anderson To All Instructors

I studied Law Enforcement at Lakewood Community College and worked as a Police Reserve Officer for the city of St. Paul at the same time. This really instilled safety mindedness. Lack of funds kept me from completing school. I married and we have 4 children now young adults. I started homeschooling in 2002. My youngest graduated in 2012. I have been a Health a Safety Instructor since 2009; teaching for The American Red Cross and Partnership Homeschool Co-op. In the past few years I have been able to teach for a few more homeschool co-ops including WEST Classes. God has given me a memory for details in this area and an ability to communicate that information to others in a way that they can understand. I have taught persons of all ages; adults who have previously had bad experiences in learning environments have been successful in my classes. I have taught persons with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, deformities, persons with English as a second language and even persons with no English, all have been successful in my classes. I enjoy teaching kids the most; they are curious and always have such interesting questions. I have a little experience in drama through church and am able to bring that to my kid’s classes to help make their learning experience a bit more realistic and fun. I am able to customize classes and am willing to spend extra time with a student when necessary. I invite parents to observe at any time, you are always welcome

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