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Tuition Payments are broken up with two payments for semester classes and four payments for annual classes.


Answers in Genesis Life Science
alternates years with Earth Science
see below for class description
5-7 Kuch 2020-2021    $350
Answers in Genesis Earth Science
alternates years with Life Science
5-7 Kuch Full Year    $350
Answers in Genesis Chemistry & Physics 6-8 Kuch / Holt Full Year    $350
Apologia General Science 7-9 Kuch Full Year    $360
A Beka Physical Science 8-12 Stewart Full Year    $410
Apologia Biology 9-12 Holt Full Year    $410
Introduction to Forensics (CSI WEST) 9-12 Kilbride Full Year    $390
Survey of High School Chemistry 10-12 Holt Fall Sem    $205
Survey of High School Anatomy & Physiology 10-12 Holt Spring Sem    $205
Discovering Design with Chemistry 10-12 Holt Full Year    $410
Apologia Physics 10-12 Holt Full Year    $380


Answers in Genesis Life Science (returning fall of 2020)

  • This course will be offered on a yearly rotational schedule with Answers in Genesis Earth Science.

Class Description:

Offered every other year in a rotation with Earth Science, this new Answers in Genesis Life Science course will give students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of plants, animals, and the environments in which they live. Students will begin the course with a study of the structures found in both plant and animal cells. They will then learn to use a sketchbook to diagram much of what is observed in class, including the parts of a plant from its seeds to its flowers and fruits.

In the fall, students will also gather their own collection of different kinds of plants, seeds, and tree leaves to further study the life cycle of plants and the process of photosynthesis. In the second semester, students will then take a closer look into the animal kingdom and the extreme environments they live in. Examining real collections of insects, bones, shells, and fossils, students will study many different animals including birds, fish, and even dinosaurs.

Using internet resources and video clips, students will also take a journey into the animal environments of forests, deserts, ice worlds, caves, and oceans. In the spring, a field trip to the St. Paul Como Zoo and Conservatory will help students gather important information to complete a science fair project from a life science topic of their choosing.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Melissa Kuch

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: Grades 5-7

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 22 student maximum

Tuition: $175 per semester plus $15 supply fee per semester

  • Supply fee is payable to the tutor on the first day of each semester. Cash or check written out to Melissa Kuch.

Homework: Approximately 2 hours/week

Textbook Requirements:

Supplies: safety goggles, sketchbook (ideal size 8 ½” x 11”)

Required: Home internet access