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Science Classes

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Answers in Genesis Life Science 5-7 Kuch Full Year    $175 per Semester
Answers in Genesis Earth Science 5-7 Kuch Fall of 2019    $175 per Semester
Answers in Genesis Chemistry & Physics 6-8 Kuch & Holt Full Year    $175 per Semester
Apologia General Science 7-9 Kuch Full Year    $180 per Semester
Apologia Physical Science 8-12 Lodien Full Year    $205 per Semester
Apologia Biology 9-12 Holt Full Year    $205 per Semester
Introduction to Forensics (CSI WEST) 9-12 Kilbride Full Year    $195 per Semester
Survey of High School Chemistry 10-12 Holt Fall Sem    $205 per Semester
Survey of High School Anatomy & Physiology 10-12 Holt Spring Sem    $205 per Semester
Discovering Design with Chemistry 10-12 Holt Full Year    $205 per Semester
Apologia Physics 10-12 Holt Full Year    $190 per Semester


Answers in Genesis Earth Science (returning fall of 2019)

  • This course will be offered on a yearly rotational schedule with Answers in Genesis Life Science.

Class Description:

This science course will give students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the popular topics found within both astronomy and earth science. During the astronomy lessons, students will take an imaginary trip through the universe to study stars, asteroids, meteors, our sun and moon, as well as each of the planets in our solar system.  Students will then discover more about Planet Earth by gaining important knowledge of the earth’s surface and what lies both above and beneath us.

Popular science topics such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather patterns that produce hurricanes and tornadoes will all be discussed. Hands-on activities and experiments will be a major focus of the class, as students will have opportunities to examine real rocks, minerals, fossils, dinosaur bones, and even a meteorite.

Students will also be able to participate in class discussions about the curriculum along with the many, current geologic events that continue to have an effect on our world today. All of the material presented in the class will be taught from a creationist perspective, as we will often use biblical texts alongside the Answers in Genesis curriculum.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Melissa Kuch

Class Length: Full year

Grade Level: Grades 5– 7

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Tuition: $175 per semester plus $15 supply fee

Homework: Yes, approximately 2 hours/week

Textbook Requirements:  

Students must purchase the one-year Answers in Genesis curriculum entitled God's Design for Heaven and Earth by Debbie and Richard Lawrence.  The set of all three books are needed for the course (Our Planet Earth, Our Universe, Our Weather and Water).  Please note that the 4th edition of all student books is preferred, but the 3rd edition is accepted as well.  The teacher supplement books are not needed for the course.   Students may purchase the books at Heppner's Legacy in Elk River, or order them directly from the Answers website:

Supplies:  Safety goggles

Required:  Home internet access