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PSEO Payment

WEST PSEO Payments:

Payment consists of:

1. $20 non-refundable administrative fee paid to WEST per semester per student

2. $5 processing fee per credit per semester paid to WEST 

  • For example:  A 1 credit course would cost $5, a 2 credit course would cost $10, a 3 credit course would cost $15 plus the $20 adminstrative fee

3.  All PSEO courses must be paid in full UPON registration

This $5/credit fee is non-refundable. Should WEST cancel a class, the $5/credit will be refunded.

1. After membership has been requested and approved 

2.  Go to http://www.westclasses.com

3. Login with username and password

4. Click on Class Registration

5. Click on PSEO Admin Fee of $20 

  • Check the box by the student who is registering
  • Register

6.  Click on PSEO Course student is registering for

  • Check the box by the student who is registering
  • Register

7. If registering for more than one PSEO course, repeat step 6.

8.  After all classes have been chosen, click "view Class Registration Summary"  and print for personal records and  

      confirmation that student is registered.

9.  At bottom of screen, click "view statement of account to pay"

10.  Make payment with PayPal or mail a check to WEST.

11. NOTE:

  • Full payment is required upfront for all PSEO courses.

12.  NOTE: 

  •  If registering for Crown courses on the WEST campus, before registering on the WEST website, you MUST go to Crown website and register for the course on their website as well.

13.  WEST does not give receipts.

  • Print PayPal receipt or Class Registration Summary (off WEST website) for personal records.
    • Wings Homeschool Group (not WEST) will show on your statement as payment for your membership/class registration.
  • If paying by check, copy check as this will suffice as your receipt.


NCU / Crown College PSEO Payments:

There is no fee paid to NCU / Crown College for PSEO courses or texts.

Go to Registration and Enrollment Policies tab for payment options and information