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PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) is a Minnesota state program for high school juniors and seniors in public or non-public high school or home-school program that gives students the opportunity to complete their high school requirements by taking non-sectarian courses at a participating college or university. From Minnesota Department of Education; Minn. Stat. 124D.09 (1999).

PSEO offers the opportunity to enroll in and attend college-level courses and apply earned credits toward high school graduation requirements and a college degree [dual enrollment]. State funding covers the cost of tuition and required books for eligible courses.  Specific requirements and limitations vary per school.



PSEO courses provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests, experience possible majors or minors, utilize their skills and talents, earn college credit at no cost.

PSEO is a dual enrollment program which allows for junior and senior grade level students to earn high school AND college credit at the same time.

PSEO allows for students to learn more about the college experience and themselves as they discern and determine any next steps after high school.

Enjoy PSEO!

To learn more about how to prepare, plan and determine your reasons for PSEO WEST offers workshops and consulting. Contact WEST Executive Director at thedirector.west@gmail.com

NOTE:  PSEO students at WEST must be homeschoolers



WEST currently partners with Crown College and Bethel University to bring an excellent course and classroom experience locally to WEST homeschooled high school student members ready for college level classes through PSEO

Crown College courses are hybrid that meet once a week per semester in class with the remainder of coursework received and completed online

Bethel University courses are hybrid that meet once a week per semester in class with the remainder of coursework received and completed online




Students/Parents are responsible to inform themselves about any post-secondary institution’s admission deadlines and enrollment policies from the college in which your student plans to or is considering enrolling in.
Dates are posted on the WEST website but may not be exact and current.

  • Students enrolling in PSEO are required to be juniors and seniors in high school
  • The typical age of PSEO students is 16-18 years old however, the state does not mandate any age requirements for enrollment in PSEO
    • WEST requires that students be homeschooled juniors or seniors registered with WEST to enroll in PSEO courses on our campus
  • The admission deadline for PSEO at Crown College and Bethel University is found on their website. There is a deadline for each semester. 

Note:  If a student is enrolled in the fall semester, there is no need to re-enroll for spring semester.  Acceptance is for fall and spring semester.  If a student is seeking admission for spring semester only, they must adhere to the spring admission deadline.

  • WEST will admit new students into PSEO classes if
    • student is admitted into the university / college
    • student's family is concurrently registered with WEST
    • there is space available for additional students in the class


WEST offers PSEO courses through Crown College and Bethel University

Complete and turn in your application as soon as possible starting in April:

  • College application to Crown College or Bethel University  – this is completed only once
  • MDE Notice of Student Registration State PSEO form – hard copy mailed to university/college every semester
  • Any required test results to the college as soon as it is identified (SAT, ACT, PSAT, ASPIRE, Pre-ACT: score of 17 or higher) – hard copy mailed to university/college only once


Complete the MN State NSR (Notice of Student Registration) 3-part form for enrollment at Crown College/Bethel University.
Form found on university/college website.
Make copies for your own records.

BEFORE your student can register for a PSEO course, every semester s/he MUST complete and mail in the MN State form to Crown College every semester.
Students CANNOT register for classes if this form is not completed and turned in every semester!

  1. Section 1: to be completed by student
  2. Section 2: to be completed by secondary [home] school
    • Include your high school district as indicated.
    • Students 16 and over do not need to report to their school district, but the college is required to submit this information to the Department of Education.
  3. Section 3: to be completed by post-secondary school [college/university] - student's home school does not complete this portion
    • Initial application: Turn in completed copy to the college/university PSEO Director of Admissions with initial application
    • This form is turned in to the respective university/college by you



Submit test scores (optional) from ACT to Bethel University with your application and state forms
Crown College does not require test scores submitted

  1. Bethel University either a Minimum GPA 3.0 or an ACT Test score in the 75th percentile or score of 24.
  2. Register ASAP for fall testing opportunities
    • ACT offers national testing throughout the school year www.act.org

Complete WEST Annual Registration

  1. Go to westclasses.com and request membership along with annual registration payment of $65 per family and $25 PSEO fee

The family registration fee ($65) is annual

The PSEO fee ($25) is per semester

Receive membership approval and register



Accepted at Crown College?

Crown College will notify WEST of your acceptance


FIRST:  Register on Crown's website - Crown College Registration 

SECOND:  Register for SAME Classes on WEST's website - Click HERE for Steps

THIRD:  Student fills out FERPA Release - FERPA Policy 

FOURTH:  Student Setup Crown Account on Phone with App

FIFTH:  Student Check Crown Email Daily Once Accepted into Crown PSEO

ALL Crown Email / Communication Goes Through the Student/s Account - CHECK DAILY

  • The deadline to register for PSEO courses:
    • Crown College is August 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester
    • WEST is August 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester


Accepted at Bethel University?

Bethel University will notify WEST of your acceptance


1. Request Advisor Appointment on Bethel's website to Register - Bethel University Advisor Appointment

2. Register for SAME Classes on WEST's website - see below for steps

3. Student fills out FERPA Release - FERPA Policy

4. Student Setup Bethel Account on Computer/Phone with App

5. Student Check Bethel Email Daily Once Accepted into Bethel PSEO

ALL Bethel Email / Communication Goes Through the Student's Bethel Account - CHECK DAILY

  • The deadline to register for PSEO courses at Bethel University:
    • mid-July for fall semester
    • mid-December for spring semester



MN PSEO funds pay for not only the courses but also the textbooks for PSEO students to borrow while in class.  Crown College / Bethel University handles the distribution and collection of these loaned books on an individual basis. Contact each university/college to learn the how and when of book distribution and return.


PSEO on the WEST campus runs on a semester basis: Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Each semester is 15-16 weeks long with possibly breaks in each semester. Each class runs for one semester. Certain courses, such as Spanish, will run two semesters long. Students are to check the university / college and WEST websites for those scheduled breaks in each semester.


Each PSEO class on the WEST campus is developed for students to learn through engagement, hands-on activities, discussion, projects, lecture and interaction with peers, educator and curriculum.

Crown College courses are hybrid that meet once a week per semester in-class with the remainder of coursework received and completed on-line.

Bethel University courses are hybrid that meet once a week per semester in-class with the remainder of coursework received and completed on-line.



Each student determines the amount of college credit and work load that fits them best. Each university / college sets a maximum amount of college credits a PSEO student is allowed to register for. Check each university / college website for specific details.

An average credit load for college students is 15 credits (4-5 classes).


Acceptance and transfer of credits varies per college. If you are interested in a specific college, AA degree and/or 4-year degree be sure to ask admissions at specific colleges of interest about their policy. https://www.collegetransfer.net/AskCT/What-is-Transfer-Credit

Minnesota Transfer credits apply to how credits will transfer specifically to MNSCU (Minnesota State College Universities). Transfer guides may be available for private colleges or the University of Minnesota on the Minnesota Transfer website. WEST encourages student/parents to investigate individual colleges for transfer of credits. http://www.mnscu.edu/students/admissions/transfer.htm/