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Peabody Test Information

What is the Peabody Test?

The Peabody is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test. It is individually administered by a trained examiner, with assessment completed in the following content areas: General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Spelling. The Peabody Test has an optional Written Expression portion that may be requested. The subtests and composite scores are calculated immediately with derived scores indicating grade level equivalents and percentile ranking.  The test is oral in format and almost conversational in tone.

The Peabody is a personable test as estimated results are explained to the parent at the end of the testing session and detailed results are emailed to the parent a week later.

Why take the Peabody Test at WEST?
Peabody testing at WEST is a convenient way for your student to fulfill the requirement of completing an annual standardized test every year.

Who can take the Peabody Test ?
The Peabody Test is for grades K-12. You do not need to have a WEST membership to test.

When is the Peabody Test offered at WEST?
The Peabody Test is offered starting April 14 and beyond for 2025

Who is Administering the Peabody Test?
Jan Sands will be administering the Peabody Test at WEST - Church of the Open Door, Maple Grove.

When can I register my student?
Registration opens mid-November and remains open until mid-April

What is the cost of the test?
The cost of the test is $70 which covers 60-70 minutes of individual testing plus a 15-30 minute review with parents following the test.

  • $25 non-refundable
  • $40 refund by March 11 cancellation
  • No refund after March 16

How do I register my student?
Register for April Peabody Testing Week  HERE 
Pay with check or PayPal

What do I need to bring on testing day?
Younger students or students who might be stressed or challenged may bring a toy (teddy bear, stress ball, etc.).  Whatever works to help the child feel relaxed
2 - #2 pencils with eraser if parent requested Written Expression

How long does testing take?
90 minutes for one student which includes 60 minutes of testing followed by a 30 minute review with parents.  
2.5 hours for two students which includes 60 minutes of testing/student followed by a 30 minute review with parents.  
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Where does the testing take place?
At the WEST building - read signs in entry way/front door for direction to room location

Can parents stay and wait while students are testing?
Due to COVID, there may not be a room at the church for parents to wait in while their child(ren) are testing 

 Any questions?  Please contact the Registrar by email at registrar.west@gmail.com