CHET-SE is an organization of Christians offering fellowship to encourage and equip one another to effectively train our children. ...encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  --I Thessalonians 5:11 Christian Home Educators of Tucson - South East Untitled Header Image Christian Home Educators of Tucson-South East Christian Home Educators of Tucson-South East

Guest Policies

CHET-SE Welcomes Guests!

In an effort to ensure that all CHET-SE events, including physical education, field trips, youth events, enrichment classes, and other activities are a wholesome, encouraging, and safe environment for all of CHET-SE members and their guests, we ask our guests read and abide by our Dress Code and Behavior Guidelines

If guests are not members of CHET-SE, they must bring the Permission and Release form signed by their parent in order to attend any event.  Guests participating in P.E. must also complete a PE Registration form available at the PE check-in table on Friday mornings.

  • Membership in CHET-SE is required in order to participate in the PE program. The ONLY exception to this is as follows: If a CHET-SE member is a caregiver for a PreK aged child (ages 4-5 years only) then the board may give permission for this child to participate in the PE program. The member should contact the board with this request.  If granted, the child's parent should complete the PE registration form, including the Permission and Release Form. This permission would only apply for the academic year before the child would begin Kindergarten.

Visitors are limited to three visitations as guests of CHET-SE.  After three visits they must apply for membership to continue attendance at any CHET-SE event